Ever since I purchased the
amazing zine 'I heart the Arctic' by Jackie Bos
(known as Jackie Peppermint on Etsy),
I am in LOVE with handmade zines!

The mini book is so cute
and really pretty,
both the illustrations as the different kind of paper,
I look at it over and over again...

Yesterday evening,
I decided it was time for a new
lovely and creative zine.
These are my Etsy finds!




Another lovely one
by Jackie Bos.

And isn't this one fantastic?
It's actually both a zine and a journal!

This one (above and below)
is my new favorite!
It's full of polaroids
she made during 30 days in 2009.

I remember
when I was a child
I used to make my own zines all the time.
I thought they were amazing!
But nowadays,
when this annoying insecurity is showing up
all the time,
nothing is ever good enough.

(But I still want to make
my own zine.
Some day.)

(Detail of the zine and journal in one)


1} Please remember there are only two days left,
to join the lovely Give Away from Amelioratic,
this beautiful new Etsy shop!)

2} I wanted to say sorry about
my lack of comments on other blogs lately.
There are so many excuses, but I want you to know
I still LOVE every single comment of you
on this blog and it touches
my heart
that many of you still like my blog
and take the time to comment.
(Oh, my best excuse is actually
that I am embroidering a lot lately!)



I made a zine about fossils with a friend when I was about 9. But back then it was definitely a Magazine and we wouldn't have it called anything else!

mamutopia said...

Hey Mila, it looks like you read my mind! Lately I'm really into zines and want so badly to make my own :) But I feel the same...the insecurity, oh the insecurity... Maybe we should just start?

Anyway thanks for this post, it made me smile :D And Jackie Peppermint is great, isn't she!

Julie said...

Super, zo schattig en je wordt er zo hebberig van, vind ze allemaal leuk.

muchlove said...

Oh I love cute zines, so thank you for sharing these. I've been wanting to make a zine for ages too. I know what you mean about insecurities, it's often a wall that stops me too. Maybe it's about time I just go and do it, right?

Lucia said...

I love love love zine, I used to make my own zine too when I was in high school, now I feel bored to make zine :) but I still love reading zines, I have zines collections from my friends.

Abby. said...

That's okay Mila. You have A LOT of people who love your blog & it's hard to reply to every one. I don't expect you to do it all the times, anyways.
Oh handmade zines!!! So adorable and cute!
I think you would do great as a magazine creator! You're so creative!

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

great works

Unknown said...

The first zine, the mini ones, and the zine+journal - I gotta have! I'm taking mental notes now to remember to check out these etsy stores.

How did you got about finding them btw? I feel like when I'm on etsy I get completely lost from seller to seller and end up browsing more then shopping.


Anonymous said...

these are so beautiful! i love handmade zines. i've been very tempted to try to make my own, but i don't have the time!

rachel said...

oh so cute, makes me want to make one!

iliketweet said...

Oh I love zines! These are lovely picks :)

tweet tweet tweet


Sanna said...

I really love zine! So cute!!

LULU said...

Awww love them, they're so cute!!!! but in my country i think that i can buy those books..

Kelly said...

hey mila! i just wanted to let you know that i really love your blog. it is a place of beauty and inspiration and it makes me happy!

About said...

thanks for sharing these, they look beautiful!
I will look forward to seeing your zine someday...I have no doubt it will be a good one!

Marinka said...

This is so cute, I love those little magazines they are amazing ^^ If you make one it would be cool to show us !

heleen said...

Oooo mijn god dit is echt fantástisch! Zó inspirerend! Ik ga vanavond zeker wat tekenen in m'n eigen kunstdagboekje!

Oh en als je vandaag Koninginnendag viert; amuseer je!

Jackie Thomson said...

Hi Mila!
Thanks so much for posting about my little book! I'm so glad you're enjoying it <3


Anonymous said...

I like this post a lot! Me too, I want to make my own zine in the future too. I am really inspired through this post. Now I want to buy zines too. :)

Anonymous said...

Ik maakte vroeger ook mijn eigen tijdschriften! Beste gevoel in de wereld, en heel fijn om te zien dat er volwassenen zijn die lef genoeg hebben om dit te doen. Het geeft me hoop :)

Bad Habit Beauty said...

those zines look sooooo cute!! i love zines!

iHanna said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful findings, I bet you could do a great zine if you leave that inner critic be for a while! :-) I hope you do, some day! Making a zine is a lot of fun, just for the heck of it.