I can just
when looking at these
amazing clothing
by Japanese brand Syrup.

Perfection for outdoor activities,
but also for cozy times indoors.

I have to plan a trip to Japan!
Who wants to come with me?

(Sorry for this overload
on Japanese stuff lately...)

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chelsea said...


Ria said...

Never apologise for overloading on Japanese stuff! ;)

I can smell summer in the air in the mornings when it's sunny. Sometimes it feels like summer jumped in front spring, if it weren't for the blossoms I might even believe it.

Esther said...

pretty :) for some reason, japanese clothes are about the only types of clothing that look much much better on japanese than caucasians :P

mamutopia said...

I want to go tooooo! When do we go? ;)

Brittan said...

Looks along the lines of the mori girls! Love it! you always find the best stuff and I love reading/looking at your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll go with you!
What is it with you and all this Japanese stuff lately? Where are you finding all this?!

Daughter Earth said...

I want to come! I love all the Japanese stuff!


Laura Trevey said...

LOVE these sweet photos!!

abigail's treasure said...

you can never have enough japanese design and influence, it is such a beautiful country!

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hope you enjoy!

p.s. i'd love to go back again!

iliketweet said...

These are so perfectly summer... I can't wait!

Have added you to my blogroll, hoorah for being blogroll buddies!

tweet tweet tweet


Jane Flanagan said...

Super sweet!

Lulu said...

whoa gorgeous!

heleen said...

Lijkt me iets wat Mori meisjes zouden dragen!