I guess a lot of you
already know Sumiko's Etsy shop.
Nevertheless, it's so full of beautiful,
sometimes tropical,
sometimes vintage like handmade jewelry
I just had to post her gorgeous photographs!
(Oh, the lady has a blog too!)

(Some of the items shown in this post,
are already sold.)


Esther said...

such eye candy! the photographs are as appealing as the accessories themselves :) my favourite is the pink & black earring & that vintage-like hairpin!

kate maggie said...

wow, her shop is full of so many treasures. i love it all! thanks for sharing. have a great week. x

Abby. said...

Ooooh I love that very first necklace with the little chair.
And I love those wand things in the last picture!!!

iliketweet said...

So, so cute. Love them!

tweet tweet tweet


KALIN said...

omg, so cute! I am on a major cute accessory quest!



Sandy a la Mode said...

oh me oh my i LOVE her shop!! my favorites are the hair pins! i am going to heart her etsy shop right now!!

Anonymous said...

ah, this is so gorgeous! i'm off to visit the shop now :)

OneCraftyFox said...

Lovely post, and her shop is just wonderful. I adore her brooches!

Izzie said...

How dreamy!


Anonymous said...

they're so beautiful and soft. gorgeous, gorgeous. thanks for sharing, dearest mila.

i hope everything is well with you. oh, and i love your new sign-off. it's very simple and pretty, so very you.

have a blessed week! x

*Evelyn* said...

oh wow, I saw just now, thank you!
I'm really happy to be featured here, thanks!