one small thing

This photograph by this woman
is called:
"I wake up and I feel alone."

Did I wake up?

Yes, sort of.
Yes, I probably did.
(If this all isn't just a dream.)

Did I feel alone?

Yes, I did.
But I was alone, so that's alright.

I remember moments
when I wasn't alone
when I woke up

but I felt terribly alone.

Those moments of loneliness
were worse.

At least they
were worse.


Zuzi said...

beautiful and true words..


Unknown said...

I always wish that he's beside me in every morning i wake up


Giovanna said...
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Giovanna said...

How lovely this is! Thanks for sharing :)

Esther said...

this is sad
i remember times when i feel exactly like that
but beautiful words nonetheless
cloudships <3

Abby. said...

That's cute how she made a litle poem to go with it.
Both beautiful!

sharon said...

have had many morning waking up without my man, hoping he comes home safe to me and mornings of sheer pain without my little baby... it helps to see something beautiful even in the loneliness, a quite peace, a knowing of God, a strength and contemplation that is reached in no other way...

loveology said...

Thanks for your sweet comments!

@Abby, I wrote the little 'poem' myself. ;)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful picture! but when you read the title, it becomes a new meaning, more sad, but also more beautiful. i love how it has a little mini story behind it.

Anonymous said...



natasja said...

your blog is lovely

Marinka said...

Love it! this picture are really nice

jo said...

nice words. Really;)

taryn said...

Beautiful photo!

~taryn xx