(Bulle de Savon)

I know this sounds a bit childish,
but it feels like I've just found myself.
This is exactly the style I LOVE so much,
the style I am trying to achieve maybe...


Yesterday I was browsing through the ever so lovely posts
of Daydream Lily.
I found this wonderful post
about the Mori culture, a Japanese life style.
I found it so intriguing straight away,
I just had to do a post about it too!

The mori girls (森ガール) belong to a Japanese subculture.
'Mori' means forest in Japanese,
and mori girls look like fairytale forest wanderers in their loose dresses,
vintage prints and quaint accessories.
Mori girls choose to live their lives on their own terms,
stopping to appreciate the little things
that others overlook amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

(SM2 Clothing)

I am really fascinated by some aspects
of the Japanese culture,
I was thinking:
Japanese movies must be amazing
and fairytale like!

So my question for you is:

Have you ever seen a great Japanese movie I must see?
Please let me know,
I am in deep need of some magic!
(Movies from other Asian countries are also very welcome.)

(Images via Mori Girl blog)


Jip said...

'In the mood for love' is wel een aanrader!

Victoria said...

there is a great livejournal community for mori girls, i made account on livejournal especially for it:)

i liked "Honey and clover" movie with Yu Aoi (the girl on the last picture in your post:), it's very sweet!

~Abby~ said...

Wow Mila, that is all such beautiful clothing. I hope you can achieve this!
I absolutely love Japanese culture as well! :)

Carys said...

Wow! That is EXACTLY how I want to live my life!!! Lovely clothes too!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

kate maggie said...

I wish I had a Japanese movie reccomendation for you but I dont :( Everything in this post is so nice..I wish I could just put all of it on, even for just a day. x

BrittanButterfly said...

Ok, this post explains a lot about me I think... I love it! you definitely need to watch anything by miyazaki... look for howls moving castle, ponyo or spirited away... theya re all amazing (animation, but each cell is has painted and it looks like real watercolors, totally amazing!)... I think I have to post about this as well!!!

Hope Chella said...

I think that everyone finds themselves everyday and I love this style. It's very classic and you (based on what I know about you through this blog!)

Have a fabulous Thursday xx

Anonymous said...

You should see the movie Dreams by Akira Kurosawa. It's a series of short films based on his dreams as a child and an adult, and other tales from friends. Some are quite dark but there are a couple that are so charming and hopeful

Anonymous said...

You should see the movie Dreams by Akira Kurosawa. It's a series of short films based on his dreams as a child and an adult, and other tales from friends. Some are quite dark but there are a couple that are so charming and hopeful

anywheredreams said...

i love the mori style, such an inspiration! you should take a look at the lj comm, it's full of inspiration :)

sadly i haven't seen many japanese movies, most i have seen has been manga/anime inspired. But Honey and Clover seems very cute, i'll give it a watch ^^

Esmee said...

Wow, wonderful post! I recently saw 'nobody knows', a very intriguing Japanese movie. I think you should watch it.

MissMadeline said...

wow. i had an actually heart palpitation when i saw all these lovely things. they make me hopelessly wistful.

MissMadeline said...

also, i am glad there is a quest to find lovely japanese films. i am also very interested in seeing some of these films.

sofia said...

Hello dear Mila,
I want to recomend you a korean movie that i love: "spring summer autumn winter and spring".

Have you ever heard of it? If you can, watch it, its, in my opinion, great! :)


Lulu said...

you should watch anything by Hayao Miyazaki. his films are amazing! they're all animated and you've probably heard of them, but i promise, they're really good. my favorite is My Neighbor Totoro. i can't get enough of that one! =]

Mila said...

Thank you all so much, dear readers!
I can't wait to see all those movies!

@ Spohia: Yes, I've seen that movie, it's absolutely incredible, i was speechless for hours after I saw that one...


NikkiDee said...

so pretty! very demure and dreamy style :]

Stephanie said...

I just saw a beautiful movie called a moment to remember. It's not Japanese, it's korean, but I definitly suggest watching it. You can view it streaming online, with subtitles. Enjoy!

Amanda {Mocking Bird} said...

Spirited Away is animated but it's so beautiful.
In the Mood For Love is a beautiful film.
Of course there are films like Memoirs of a Geisha and Lost in Translation that are set in Japan.

I'm super excited that one of my favourite Japanese books is being made into a film- Norwegian Wood. :)

Amanda {Mocking Bird} said...

oh and of course there is the awesome Battle Royale but it's not exactly beautiful or pretty but a nasty blood bath.
It's a damn good, horrifying movie =D

Anonymous said...

YES! I loved that post by Daydream Lily. It is so beautiful and I LOVE how they describe the Mori Girl. the SM2 clothes are to-die-for too! Funny, they remind of Dutch very simple style!

Tash said...

i love the mori girls.
howls moving castle is a must. One of the characters from Ugly Yet Beautiful World reminds me of mori girls.
theres also a few movies with mori girl themes, i havent seen any but i think that honey and clover and Heavenly forest are among them

Giovanna ♥ said...

Everything you presented here is absolutely beautiful!
Love them all :)
Ps: Please don't forget to enter to my lovely giveaway :)

Daisy said...

Lovely post !

Daisy said...

Lovely post !

Daisy said...

Lovely post !

Daisy said...

Lovely post !

Daisy said...

Lovely post !

Wella Travagli said...

I looove the movie Heavenly Forest. It's absolutely beautiful and really adorable, but be prepared for a tearjerker ending!

karen said...


Miss B said...

The Japanese film "Vital" -- I saw it at the film festival in my city about 5 or 6 years ago, and it was eerie and strange and lovely. It might be too weird or creepy for some, but I really liked it.

Jing said...

"Last Life in the Universe"
(a lonely introspection of humanity and love)

"Thee ... Extremes"
(three short films that are magical, but in a rather creepy way)

There are lots of great Asian films out there...and each one has what I would call a sense of magic. But that just might be what good films are meant to make us feel.

Jing said...

PS: "Last Life" is a Thai film, and I meant "Three...Extremes"...which is comprised of three movies, eac by directors from China, one more South Korea, and one from Japan.

Oh, and if you like Animation, try Japanese anime: Paprika -- definitely visually magical; Laputa (aka: Tenkū no Shiro Rapyuta, Castle in the Sky); Kiki's Delivery Service; or any other Miyazaki film!


Anonymous said...

We saw a Japanese movie last year that we LOVED - "Departures", or in Japanese: "Okuribito". Highly recommended.

kat said...

I had never heard of the term but it definately alot like me too. I like lots of elements of the style and the images you've found to share it are inspiring Mila.
I have bookmarked the Mori girl blog now :)
kat x

Floddertje said...

You could try "Les locataires" or "Le secret des poignards volants", they're both very good but quite unknown. I'm sorry I give you the french titles!

Have a nice week!

Lanie said...

Just read through the comments, and everyone took my film recommendations! I've seen most of the movies in the comments and I highly recommend them. :]

I agree with Wella, Heavenly Forest is a must watch.

kelsey said...

I liked "Cafe Lumiere". If you like slower-paced and more time spent on characters and trying to understand them. I think it's sweet.

fojee said...

Just been introduced to "Mori Girls" as well and I've been ransacking my closet and reading blogs for inspiration.

Japanese movie recommendations: Tokyo Godfathers - it's an animated film but very interesting and uplifting. I'm actually reading the Honey and Clover manga right now. There's also a movie and a live-action drama. I also like Swing Girls starring Ueno Juri, esp. if you like band music.

If you're interested in dramas instead of movies, you should watch Nodame Cantabile. Osen is also nice if you're interested in traditional Japanese cooking.

My favorite Korean movie is Antique Bakery (based on a Japanese manga). As for Korean dramas, My Lovely Kim Sam Soon and Coffee Prince are my favorites.

Too much? I watch too many dramas, that's why... :)

the cellocat said...

think you might like: Tada, kimi wo aishiteru (Heavenly Forest) :)

Bridgit said...

I second "Cafe' Lumiere", it's sort of what you might call a "non-action" movie, but just gorgeous. And "Kamikaze Girls" is wonderful, funny and sarcastic and about Japanese fashion culture. (And embroidery!)

Anonymous said...

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