Holly {Holy}

Wonderful works of
Holly McCauley.

(Originally found via
Daydream Lily)


o l y said...

awww, it's so beautiful !!!

sifra, sifra, if the package still doesn't show up next week, i will make another one for you, and send out the week after next week, okay ?

and by the way, i found something very cute that i bought some years ago, ( i have the bad habit of buying more than just one when i found cute little things ) so i'm gonna add it in the package, i hope this will cheer you up a little :)

maybe it got lost and travel somewhere else...

don't worry, be happy !


Anonymous said...

So beautiful.


Anonymous said...

love these so much! her handmade zines are amazing :)

Anonymous said...

oh the photos are beautiful! they're so gorgeously done up. lovelovelove the little magazines or albums. such BEAUTY! can't wait to get started on my little polaroid journal. ;)

thanks for sharing, sweetie. i hope you're doing well. :)


S said...

The typography is lovely as well, I mean the 'Ferryman' text. : )

taryn said...

I love her site.
Really cool work.
Thank you Mila!

~taryn xx

ieva jansone said...

mila, sorry for my ignorance, but - what actually means "zine"?
it comes from "magazine", right?
but isn't it rather something like a little book one makes in very limited edition?
as i was a child i used to make "magazines", like the ones adults were reading. but my first kind of "book" i made at age of 5.
the urge to make "books" or books, or zines (?) never ceased..... ;)

Cinza Azul said...

thanks. it's very kind of you.

and the book looks awesome.