Oh, Marcio

Marcio Simnch Photography.

The world doesn't just
when you close your

What are you waiting for?

For the world
to change.

Thank you Marcio,
for sharing your vision on beauty
and life
with us.

It's like a dream.
A very soft one.


Unknown said...

amazing pictures and quotes xx

Abby. said...

I try to do that when close my eyes.

Kelley Anne said...

These are wonderful Mila, thank you for sharing them. I love it when I wake up and the world just feels this way. It doesn't happen very often, but some days it does.

heleen said...

Die eerste foto vind ik echt adembenemend... Het meisje lijkt zo breekbaar, maar het is toch een zeer krachtig beeld.

MissMadeline said...

lovely! his photos make the world seem fresh and new.

i suppose it always is, though.

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous!!!!


muchlove said...

There's a beautiful calm in these photos.
I wish I could take photos as stunning as these.

Anonymous said...

totally right about how it's like a beautiful soft dream. thanks for sharing, mila! <3 x

Daydream Lily said...

oh thank you for reminding me about this amazing photographer!!!

your blog is just so beautifullllllllllll love it as always!!

x Liss

Anonymous said...

Hi Iam Prabhu from chennai,joined today in this forum... :)

Anonymous said...

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