For the LOVE of giving...

...and for the gift of loving.



Mainly because of the 'Lovely Package Exchange' I got really inspired
by beautiful packaging.
I've loved beautiful gift wrapping since I was very young
but I keep loving it more and more.

(You can find the tutorial for the above packaging here.)

Danni from oh, hello friend inspires me endlessly,
with her amazing packaging.
Lots of whites, pastels, doilies and cuteness!


Of course, receiving packages is always lovely,
but giving beautifully wrapped gifts to a loved one is even better!
Just to see the face of the one you're giving a beautiful gift to,
is priceless. Don't you think?

(The flowered wrapping paper on the right,
I have to know where it's from!)

The most lovely thing about a pretty package,
is to make it very personal.
Beautiful tags with a name on it for example...

The possibilities are endless!
Take a look at Etsy for beautiful wrapping paper,
thread, lace and of course pretty Japanese tapes!

Just have fun with it and use your creativity...


Are you also joining the Lovely Package Exchange?
And did you participate last year?
I'd love to hear your stories about last year's Lovely Package Exchange!
What was the packaging like? What did you receive? What did you gave your partner?


I can't wait for it to start!

(Oh, and there are lots of free, pretty printables available too!)

And visit this and this Flickr groups.


(All images without credits below them,
are from Danni from oh, hello friend)


cerebral e said...

I participated in the Lovely Package Exchange and it was so much fun. For the wrapping paper, my partner, Sarah, sewed a bird that was tweeting my name. You can see pictures here: http://cerebralexcrement.blogspot.com/search?q=lovely+package+exchange

Ever since doing the exchange I have been putting so much more thought into my packaging (and finding all sorts of excuses to give gifts, just so I can package them). The images you have shared here are all so inspiring.

I can't wait to find out this year's partner!

sophi said...

How pretty is packaging?!! right...
I love all the photos.

I'm participating!!! it's my first time and I'm so excited :D I'm already thinking what to exchange...
ps. I love your blog it's so pretty!

Julie said...

Verpakking maakt zo' n verschil. Vooral basic wrapping versierd met eenvoudige materialen, kant, gestreept touwtje, mooie kaartjes...als ik dat krijg, word ik zo blij. Vind de verpakking soms nog leuker dan de inhoud:-)

Hope Chella said...

Wow! I love these beautiful packages :) Super sweet!!!


Anna @ IHOD said...

I am so excited to do the exchange this year because I appreciate packaging so much.

This gives me a lot of inspiration;)

Anonymous said...

these are soooo gorgeous! i love pretty packaging, although i'm rarely patient enough to fuss with it!

Kelley Anne said...

These are so beautiful. They all feel very tender. It makes the gift inside even more special when you know someone has so carefully thought out and arranged the packaging.

kate maggie said...

There is nothing quite like a gift wrapped in pretty stationary. These pictures are darling. <3

Abby. said...

Those are very pretty packages. I've never got any pretty packages as those before. ;)

rachel said...

uhh! such beautiful packaging! i lovee love love it! all those pictures are darling.

Brynna said...

these are adorable!!


gi. said...

these are all so fabulous! it makes me want to give give give :)


Unknown said...

These are beautiful!!!!


Jen said...

Your blog is just so sweet. I have no idea how you find so many great pictures. I'll be back... over and over again!

A girl said...

Oooooohh they're so lovely! I wanna live in a dreamy world full of dolies, embroidery, lace, and crochet hehehe :D

I'm good, Sifra. How about you?
I'm getting married next Monday! Yay!!

x0x0 Hita

Ange said...

Such lovely packaging! Love them all!

Lindsay said...

These packages are darling!