Gorgeous Japanese stuff,

it makes me daydreaming about visiting this beautiful country...

The most impressive,
is actually the amazing Japanese book and magazine collection.

There also is this wonderful Uguisu blog.

Is there anyone who ever visited Japan?
I'd love to hear your stories...


Hila said...

Mila, you really must stop tempting me! :)

Christy said...

I just love the japanese/zakka aesthetic! Thank you for the blog link. Checking it out now!

EmilyKate said...

I've been to Japan, they really do have just the most gorgeous lovely THINGSSSS... I went pretty nuts! All kinds of functional everyday objects they seem to make as beautiful as they can possibly be, right down to things like teabags, and tape as you have discovered!

lahana said...

I'm living in Japan for 2 years. I love foods, girlish style of women, small cars, language, daily stillness, kind people, flower shops, little cafes, masking tapes. I think here is detail lovers' country. Unfortunately I have only 2 months more and I will miss.

isadora gometti said...

hello mila,

do you like brazilian design?
hope see some things about it here..
love your blog

kiss from brazil

pws said...

hello mila,

i want to say your blog is very beautiful.
i found it through my sister a few years ago.

she and i went to japan last month.
it was a magical trip. there were so many interesting shops and spaces. in one cluttered shop i found rows and rows of small white tubes of toothpaste - the flavours were incredible! plum, and rosemary, and...i can't even remember. maybe 20 different kinds. i like plain mint toothpaste, but i enjoyed looking through them.

i live in seoul, korea, and i think you might like the fashion and design here as well.

take care,
and thanks for the loveliness~


Anonymous said...

ooh love love love. gotta check out that blog now :)

i've never been to japan, but gosh, you're making me want to go now!

hiki said...

Hello mila, I'm hiki from UGUiSU;)
Thank you for this wonderful post! So lovely!
If you like to see some images from japan please visit my other blog where I post many photos from Tokyo.

Maria said...

I have never been to japan but wanna go one day..! thank you for the nice link:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

oh, i have never been to japan before but i really, really want to! your blog is so beautiful by the way ♥♥♥

sofia said...

oh my... I wanna go to Japan!! :)
Once again... Your blog is awsome. Made us think the beautiful person you are. Keep inspiring us! ^^*

iva yaneva said...

I have never been to Japan but I imagine it to be like a whole different world! Amazing world that is:) I would so love to visit it one day. Hope you get to visit it too! xo

Lucy said...

Oh wooden tape dispensers!! amazing! its true, why stick to plastic..?!

mady dooijes said...

oh want me to go even more. one thing i regret is that i never been or lived in japan... never to late though. ik heb eindelijk je pakketje klaar, morgen naar het postkantoor. had ik je verteld dat ik dit jaar naar nederland kom, helas niet via japan. xxx

ROBINE said...

Zo'n inspirerende post weer!

eriko said...

Hello nice to meet you.
I am a girl in Japan.
I was surprised to record the magazine of Japan in the blog.
I am glad with the interest!
I feel the charm in the culture in your country.
I'm sorry English ..not good...(>o<)

Anonymous said...

Japan is a detail lover's delight, with lovely people, amazing culture and creative food. I've been lucky to visit during cherry blossom time, mid summer and fall and they're all my favorites! The movie "Lost in Translation' is an accurate taste of its fast/slow culture. Add Japan to your list of 'must visit' places.