On some days...

... the light
from outside

is the only thing
that makes you feel



heleen said...

Ik hou van felle zon en een open blauwe lucht op winterdagen :)
(al hou ik toch nog iets meer van de gouden zomerzon)

Anonymous said...

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Lucia said...

beautiful :-) I love the light, especially when it comes in my room in the morning, It feels so refreshing

Anonymous said...

Het is zo makkelijk om binnen te blijven en te vergeten hoe fijn het is om buiten te zijn. Maar als je dan buiten bent, dan voel je weer wat je mist. En dan doet het buitenlicht inderdaad weer leven :)

Outi said...

Mila dear,

I have not been blogging properly in quite a while, and when trying to return to my blog, it has somehow felt old; dated and clumsy.

Today I came to see your blog and your beautiful photos, this incredible, seemingly endless richness of beauty, inspired me to start my own Tumblr. ( http://o-onomatopoetic.tumblr.com ) I believe a photo from your blog shall be the first image, or at least one of the first, on my new Tumblr. :)

I hope you are well; it has been long time no write, but nonetheless I remember you, the connection we had one summer, the opening of hearts and our minds that had suffered.

Hope to hear from you soon,

With many hugs,


Anonymous said...

this is so true! yesterday was such a beautiful day, it lifted my spirits so much.
btw, i sent you an email!

aa said...