Amsterdam etc.

Friday's blue, blue skies!
I had not seen such a beautiful, blue sky in quite some time!

I am unbelievably happy with this gorgeous cup and saucer!
My mom found it at the local Thriftstore...
Look at those details!

A bowl,
also found at the Thriftstore...

I am in love with this cute, little saucer I found at the Thriftstore (again).
The tray is from Ikea.

As I told you last week, I've visited Amsterdam last Thursday with my mom.
It was such an amazing day,
full of happiness, laughter and of course:

(House Doctor tin.)

I love the print of this Dutch feeling notebook!

Also bought of few pieces of clothing...
I've noticed I like it so much more to buy stuff for my home and accessories, than buying clothes lately...

And I bought these gorgeous tea-towels from House Doctor.
Unfortunately I don't have pictures of them, so here they are...
(I bought number 9 and 11.)

A closer look to the print of number 11 on the glove (?).

I have been making these cute, quite big hearts recently.
I really love the shape...

I've been making this 'collage' on the inside of my closet,
so when I open it and I have no clue what to wear,
here's some inspiration!

Oh, before I forget:
I also bought this warm, soft and hairy carpet at Ikea!
As you can see, Vince also loves it a lot!

(If you like, check out the complete Everyday Collection of House Doctor here!)

How has your weekend been so far?
I hope you've had a wonderful time!


Zelda was a writer said...

love this post! full of colors and poetry!

goldlionaz said...

oh, the collage on the inside door of a closet is a brilliant idea!

lorax said...

The nice weather in Amsterdam was wonderful --- even if it's already gone.

Love the towels and mits


Brittan said...

Great finds! sounds like a good trip!!!

perfectionishuman said...

The sky looks so beautiful! My favorite shade of sky :)

Abby. said...

Those are very pretty dishes you bought, the details are exquisite!
I took note of that on Friday as well! I'll be posting pics of Friday's skies on my blog too!
Cute tea towels.
Haha, that's a good idea for what to wear.
Oh, that carpet looks so soft!

stephanie said...

Lovely dishes and clothes! I want to go shopping with you :)

lottilou said...

Lovely post!!!!, I like everything!
I'm looking for a carpet like this!!!!, Do you remember how much did it cost you????

loveology said...

Hi Charlotte!

The carpet costs 59,90 EURO.
I think that's quite cheap for a wool carpet like this! :)

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!


marisa said...

what great thrifting finds! and your hearts<3 are adorable...
thanks for sharing.

Sobinique said...

Wat een leuke spullen allemaal! Waar heb je die paarse top gekocht? Ik vind 'm super mooi!

MissMadeline said...

first off, your cat is so. effing. cute.

and you've made some lovely purchases, m'dear. i'm always drawn to the mismatched teacups and china at antique shops.

iliketweet said...

The cup and saucer is so beautiful, love it!



MissMadeline said...

thanks so much, mila!

that really means alot, as you're one of my all time favorite bloggers! ever. :]

Giovanna said...

Oh I adore the idea of the collage on the inside of your closet! All your pics are always inspiring!

Eli said...

so many cute things for the home, thanks for the inspiration


your cat is the cutest! Also love the hearts.

Unknown said...

Love the detail on the cup on saucer. What a beautiful find!

E said...

It feels like I just went shopping with you :)


Hey Mila,
Where in Amsterdam is that store?
I'm going there on Monday.
I'd like to check it out!


amy said...

that rug is wonderful. like a blanket for the floor, love it. will be putting that on my list.