Mrs. Kern

How very beautiful and calming is this?

Anna Kern Photography


celine said...

hi, I am fairly new to your blog but I find your pictures so inspring

Anonymous said...

BTW, use Bluetooth blocker to jam all spy transmitters in your room or at work.

your mum said...

wow i love the second post xoxo


the notebook doodles said...

it's like my dream house :p

Unknown said...

What I like about it is how there are flowers everywhere.

Rina said...

Oh very very calm! and I could even smell the breeze and perfume of that beautiful flowers. Thanks this made my day!

mariska said...

what a lovely photos!!




Anonymous said...

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FairyFaye said...

Mooi! Wit, licht, ruim!

Unknown said...

Dear Mila

thankyou so much for the happy birthday wishes at my blog. Really sweet of you.
I adore these posts,I am catching up on your last few enteries.
The photos are just so me :)
wishes kat x