Naomi Lingerie at Etsy!
Ooh, it makes me all excited...
Soft, feminine and pretty lingerie with lots of lace!
Oh, and it's handmade.
What does a woman want more?

I've ordered this gorgeous satin eye-mask!
Now sleeping will be even better!

The mask is called Chigusa...how mysterious does that sound? :)
(Aha, I've just read Chigusa means various plants and flowers in Japanese. Well, that's nice too.)

Naomi also has a blog.
Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

lovely lingerie, especially that last pair of knickers... i want them... all...

Unknown said...

ohh..they all cute! I want them all!!!

Angela Furlong said...

Wow, I'm in love! So beautiful... what a find! x

Anonymous said...

oh my god. I love your blog so much! it's so inspirational and everything you post is just so utterly beautiful. I just can't get over it! thank you for creating such a wonderful blog :)

Rina said...

Pretty, femenine and delicate post! I loved it! I can fell very happy with all these beauties!

Unknown said...

Whaou! It's so sweet! I love that kind of romantic, vintage lingerie!

April said...

I'm always looking for lingerie like that. I may have to pick some up!

indigotangerine said...

In my eyes,these pretty slips of things are far sexier than whatever leather buckled boob prodding red lace covered contraptions most places are marketing.
These on the otherhand, are so romantic. Its always such a nice confidence boost to know you have pretty underwear on.

Unknown said...

Beautiful lingerie. My favourite would have to be the camisole. I love them!

Kimberley Brandsma said...

mooi! vooral het eerste setje<3

Stina said...

So beautiful! I am heading right over there now!
Thank you for sharing.

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Alice said...

So pretty! I want it all!

Nina said...

That is perfect lingerie!!!! Soooo sexy...

Julie said...

oh wow, this beautifull...love to have this, definately registering this one on my would love to have wishlist / shoppinglist

Rachel said...

These are so pretty!

I love your blog by the way, how do you find such pretty things to post?!?

Anonymous said...

Very pretty - unfortunately, a joke of a bra like that would hardly contain one of my nipples. I am always very sad when I see all these gorgeous handmade lingerie items on Etsy and places, because it seems that the top halves of these ensembles are made only for the sorts of bodies that don't actually need a bra. Busty girls like pretty lacy things, too, you know!

Anonymous said...

these are all so sweet and lovely :) wonderful post

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LILY-SAGE said...

oh my! i love nothing more than lingerie, your post made me squeel with excitment.

your blog is lovely as always, hope u are well. happy new year!


June said...

I want it all!

jules said...

obsessed. Lingerie is my favorite things to buy. Ever. These are lovely

Unknown said...

Naomi's shop is so beautiful! I love every last thing! The eye mask is gorgeous- xo!

Tina said...

Very pretty pieces, I like them a lot!

Lenneke said...

Hi Mila!

Even een berichtje uit Vietnam! Wat een super schattig hemdje en had ik maar zo'n mooi oogmasker voor in het vliegtuig en morgen de inmiddels alweer derde nachttrein!

Thanks voor je lieve berichtjes! Met jou alles goed?

x Len

Anonymous said...

Heel erg mooi. Vooral de eerste en tweede zou ik zo willen dragen!

Unknown said...

This are so feminine!! Very cute as well.

Anonymous said...


aa said...