HAPPY 2010!

Dear you,

I wish you the most amazing new year!

May 2010 be a year full of LOVE, laughter, romance, beauty, inspiration, creativity, wisdom and anything you wish for.

Besides the regular things named above,
I am also planning to pay more attention to my clothing this year.
2009 wasn't actually my most 'stylish' year, so that's going to change! :)

Below some pictures of very stylish girls, to get inspired...

Images by Yvan Rodic.


heleen said...

Jij ook een heel fijn 2010 gewenst!!

Ik vind het interessant om te zien welke foto's je uitkiest als stijlinspiratie, dat geeft ook al een zicht op hoe je wilt dat je eigen stijl evolueert. Ze zijn allen prachtig :)

heart in a cage said...

gelukkig nieuwjaar!

en ik ben het eens met heleen, leuk om te zien wat voor foto's mensen kiezen als stijlinspiratie. 8)

Anonymous said...

Dat is ook precies mijn voornemen! Lange tijd wist ik me niet zo'n raad met kleding maar inmiddels heb ik zin om te shoppen naar nieuwe, leuke, interessante dingen :)

Bonne Année!

jennifer said...

een super goed 2010!
ontzettend inspirerende en mooie meisjes, inderdaaad altijd leuk om te zien wie en wat iemand inspireert. zo vind ik je blog zelf ook erg inspirerend. ik volg je!

kat said...

great style in the pics,
happy new year honey
kat x

Robin said...

Happy 2010 Mila!! :)

I am with you on 2009 not being my most stylish year. I kept an idea book of cut outs from magazines last year, maybe its time to dig through them for fashion inspiration this year!

out of the mist said...

Happy New year!!!

Jess. said...

I really love that last photograph! I hope you have an amazing new year, dear! And that you accomplish everything you set out to do!


oh, hello friend. said...

happy 2010 dearest friend!
i hope we can meet one day!


Sundari said...

Such stylish picks. My very fashionable brother is moving in soon. I'm excited by the prospect of dress ups.

My CoCoon Vintage said...

Happy New Year.

Totally with you on making this my most stylish year ever!

Hila said...

Happy New (Stylish) Year Mila!

Anonymous said...

I like them, but I don't think you have to be toothpick thin to be "stylish" and wish you'd show some variety.

Mila said...

Thanks everyone, for your lovely comments!

@ Anonymous:
I totally agree with you on the 'thin-thing', fuller figured girls and women are as beautiful as the thinner ones!
However, these pictures are about the clothing, the styling and the complete pictures, not about the size of the women wearing the clothes.


Anonymous said...

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Bianca and Isabella said...

love the third photo

A Beautiful Party said...

ohh, these girls make me want to up my fashion sensibilities, too.
Hope this is a great and stylish year for you!

the wild wolves said...

Happy New Year lovely! x

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