Studio Violet

I have posted about Studio Violet, and the owners Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker, before.
But their work is so cute and refreshing, I wanted to do a new post about their collaboration and their individual works!

I can't wait for their new collection, but I'm also still in love with their 'Circus Violet'....

Elisabeth's work.

Camilla's 2010 calendar.

Camilla just recently produced her amazing book 'The Suitcase serie'.

I am also still madly in love with Camilla's poster...
Those little guys&girls are just too cute!

Also visit Studio Violet's blog, Elisabeth's blog Fine Little Day and Camilla's website and her blog.

Bye bye Lovers.


Ava said...

how lovely!


mady dooijes said...

camilla and elisabeth are amazing! are you still awake???? xxx

Electro Geisha said...

very beautiful work :) love the calendar :)

Belowen said...

The illustrations are so unique! And adorable! Thanks for sharing :)

Lennebelle said...

Echt helemaal super wat zij doen en maken! Zo'n eigen stijl! Vind het scrapbook ook super!

Susanna-Cole said...

Darling! We haven't talked in forever, and ever. :( Please tell me how you are! Your blog is just as charming and lovely as ever! <3


umama said...

i LOVE that little guy in the last photo!