Etsy Lovely Shop: LaurieMade

A lot of ooooh's and aaaah's came out of my mouth when I first visited Laurie's lovely shop.
The stuffed animals she makes are beyond gorgeous!
She uses beautiful, vintage fabrics with the most lovely patterns to create these pretties.

These two cuties below are already sold.
Nonetheless they deserved a place here...

My opinion: LaurieMade's animals are definitely not only for the child's room!


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a lovely being said...

I actually gasped when I saw the pink floral elephant pictured in your post. SO perfect! I agree with you 100%-- these animals are definitely not just for the child's room. I would love to have that elephant sitting on my desk!

Juultje said...

Beautifull, going to check them..out, they will make a perfect for someone I know.

Thank you

Juultje said...

ben benieuwd naar je cupcakes..hou me aanbevolen voor recepten:-)Zo lekker zijn ze!!

qua vrolijkheid idem dito..

xo julie

Lisa said...

the elephants are the cutest!!!

vintageveggie said...

these are wonderful. and i'm totally on a stuffed thing right now. i've been doing soft sculpture for all my school projects lately.

Lucy said...

I love the elephants, so precious :)