Oh yes....

(Duskin via Frances May)

Urban Revisions: beautiful designs...
Also visit her gorgeous blog!


Frances May,
found via the ever inspiring Joanna Goddard!

^ Labels like Duskin are breathtaking,
as is their blog.

Mark Borthwick.
I fell in love with his work.


Life is beautiful.


Lily G. said...

Love these images.


OwlsinWonderland said...

You have the cutest photos in your blog.

Bianca and Isabella said...

everything has such a beautiful simplicity

the crumpet girls

Urban Revisions said...

Thank you so much for post, Mila!
I am honored to be in this post with such amazing beauty and talent.
:) :) :)

Julia said...

Wow such beautiful and inspiring images. I love your blog!


leeselooks said...

oh mila.
the beauty you exude in everything is truly inspirational.

can you be anymore sweeter + beautiful?

hope you are well girl.

thanks for all your love.


Reginasaurus said...

Such lovely photographs! Great post :)

Missa said...

Yes indeed! I want that outfit in the first photo and the photography is breathtaking as always dear :)

Signe said...

The photos by Mark Borthwick are amazing! Thank you for showing them :)

setyourselfonfire said...

Life is beautiful indeed! As is your wonderous blog!

Gabriela said...

oh, my! what a plentiful post! as always, thank you for directing me to amazing inspirational sources! mark borthwick is indeed amazing and i love the duskin blog!

mady dooijes said...

life is beautiful, heb jij iets te vertellen???? liefs mady xxx

anywhere I lay my head said...

Life is indeed beautiful! Even tough my laptop battery is running out xD

K. Sundari said...

Such beautiful images. I dont usually like nude, but these are so beautiful and natural, not vulgar or provocative at all. Glad you put them up.

Rain said...

Beautiful Images :)

Anonymous said...

ooooh ohhh ohhhh
the pics - the orgasm

Anonymous said...

I just gotta say your blog is totally inspiring me for my next collection. I already design quite girly stuff but I want to do something more floaty and dreamy so i'm constantly here looking at images for creative thinking.

sharon said...

I love this post. so dreamy. Mark Borthwick is just the best.

Have a great week dear Mila!

Robine said...

Prachtige foto's! Zeker op zo'n mooie dag.
x Robine

Outi said...


That Klimt you have on your "wanting" was the first thing I ever posted on my blog!

Do I remember correctly that you were going to London soon? Or have you gone yet? I would love to give you some ideas, or to even meet up for coffee if we are in town at the same time (I'm going at the end of June)!

Many, many warm hugs,


PS. Today I saw a newer version of The Power of Now, but they didn't have the original one -- I decided to wait for the original one; they said they'd be getting it again next week hopefully (at the markets).

Also bought some lovely, lovely, lovely flowers, hoping to post them on my blog soonish! :-)

La Chauve-Souris said...

this selection of pix made me smile, it so so sweet


bonne nuit
la chauve-souris

Kristina * said...

that floaty green rachel comey dress with the flats is amazing... wonder if something similar could be sewn without too much trouble, hmmm.
lovely, lovely.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Beautiful shots and gorgeous designs.

Lauren said...

Oh, I LOVE the Frances May clothing! That belt is gorgeous.

Helena said...

ah i love the mosaic beautiful collection of images
you have a lovely blog
have a lovely day

Ruth said...

So beautiful

Ruth @ Matches


Frances May said...

Hi Mila,
I'm so happy you like all of the Frances May fares! We are actually having a 20%-60% off all Spring/Summer starting this Friday. It might be a good time to score some Duskin Pants or that adorable Lover Dress.
Thanks for being awesome!

Jack said...

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ct said...

Wonderful pictures as usual. I love your blog.

bonbon’s vintage

MUS said...

ja helemaal fijn zijn foto's!

Lamixx said...

great blog!
would love to be featured...


Anonymous said...