I love pastels.
I used to hate them.
When i was a kid.

Her style is pretty amazing, isn't it?
Art by Amanda Blake.
This is her blog.

I think the faces of the people she paints are very special,
they seem young, old, tired and intellectual.
Or something.

Of course, you already know Ana Laura Perez!
I love every single drawing of hers.
Also check her out here.

Ana is multitalented.
LOVE her drawings (i own one!), her patterns, bags and jewelry.
She designed the textiles for these clothes from Pesqueira.

This shop is actually amazing.
The site also is, go visit!





I found this pretty drawing via Unicornology.
Drawn by Katarina Sopčić,
who is a photographer.


That last photograph,
reminds me of some work from Lina Scheynius.
It was new to me (when i saved them...)
so maybe it's new for you too.
Oh, i found them at Luyi's, of course.


I want to be in this hidden room,
for the coming few days...

so i can write my loved ones
little messages.

make my head clear.

(Can someone help me out with those last two photographs?
I want to give credits!)


Endofmarch said...

Your post is wonderful as usual. Thank you for all the links to all the talented artists.
It brightened my day. Really.

Have a nice day!


p.s. The last photo is by Breath of Life on Flickr
she is really good.

leila wylie said...

Wow, that Pesqueira stuff is really nice!

Great post!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous post. how do you come up with something interesting to talk about each post? i love ana laura perez and her work is amazing. sorry, but i can't come up with credits for the last 2 photos...but if i see them around somewhere, i'll tell you. hope you had a great weekend, hun.

notebookdoodles said...

i have always loved pastels =) they give a somewhat comfort feeling to me..

i hope your weekend was great, mila.


jules said...

I love pastels also, especially with spring now. This artist is wonderful, the clothes that she draws are so great! Beautiful post as always, happy monday.

Maverick said...

Hi Mila!!

I love the look of that shop :) Thanks for sharing. It's so whimsical, hehe. Hope you're doing well, dear.

Rachel Mallon said...

This post put me in a lovely mood! Thank you!

joanita said...

lovely post

Un samedi... said...

j'adore le tee shirt avec le cigne

laura said...

Ana Laura Perez is awesome

Your blog just keeps gettting sweeter and sweeter; What nice tunes!

Lola-Elise said...

elloo, pretty post. I used to love pastels even when i was a kid. Still love them now. I love choosing colours for i when i paint its SO exciting! sorry that has nothing to do with your post!

lola-elise.blogspot :)

Lisa said...

nothing like a post from you MILA
to brighten my day!

hope you are well love.



setyourselfonfire said...

hey my love. i don't know who took the last two photographs but they are beautiful! i love them.

i had a customer at work a few days ago telling me how they missed home which was Holland and how its the most beautiful place on earth.. isn't that where you're from?? she made it sound like heaven.

deryik said...

the pic you found from luyi's reminds me of a pj harvey song, "u said something".

well roofs always remind me of that song anyways :)

Robine said...

wat een fijne post weer.
Zo mooi. Ana Laura Perez maakt echt prachtige dingen


constance said...

oh i love all those drawings and pictures!
it's always a pleasure to read your blog!


ange ella said...

Those paintings are beautiful (as is everything else, of course).

Rita said...

I used to hate pastels when I was a little girl, too hehe, and now I love them so much.

That second-to-last picture, the one of the bedroom, is so breathtakingly beautiful, it has really inspired me.

Thank you for another lovely selection of art :)

Rita said...

I used to hate pastels when I was a little girl, too hehe, and now I love them so much.

That second-to-last picture, the one of the bedroom, is so breathtakingly beautiful, it has really inspired me.

Thank you for another lovely selection of art :)

Rita said...

I used to hate pastels when I was a little girl, too hehe, and now I love them so much.

That second-to-last picture, the one of the bedroom, is so breathtakingly beautiful, it has really inspired me.

Thank you for another lovely selection of art :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Do you now if pesqueira sells online?
Thank you

Matilda Iréne Linnéa said...

Great post, i adore the photos by Katarina Sopcic...
I did some kind of version of that tag you gave me! Check it out, hope you like it even though i didn't quite follow the rules entirely. :)
Oh my god i love those clothes with the animal prints on them, in your last post! Too bad you can't really make prints like that yourself, at home. I just have to hope something similar turns up in the shops before summer!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mila,

I am interested in advertising on your fantastic blog! Please let me know if you might be interested. If yes, I will pre-pay in advance for 1 year.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.

Cassie (cassie003@gmail.com)

Christine said...

I used to hate pastels to, but now my closet is full of them:)

Alice X said...

god your blog is amazing. i usually don't like the music on most blogs but wow. this song is soo beautiful.


Yoli said...

Thank you for the finds!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous finds !! ..

shopgirl28 said...

Gorgeous pictures.

Sprinkle said...

Such truly gorgeous images... And I absolutely love those illustrations and textiles... What a dream. :)
I love your little blog, its so inspiring!

indigotangerine said...

these pictures make me want to curl up in some sunny blankets. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful artists. I'll be sure to check them out. The last picture reminds me of a project I did where I wrote a letter to my cousin every day during the summer. Sadly I gave that up.

annie said...

lovely post! i'm the same with pastels! i've become slightly obsessed with them!

Missa said...

Another post filled with Mila lovliness! Pastels are seeming quite fresh now aren't they?

I really love those little paintings by Amanda Blake and I think you are right about the faces.

The last two photos are just beautiful. Hope you are well dear :)


Indie.Tea said...

Beautiful photographs, I hope you can find the photographers for those last two, they are amazing...
I love pastels too. Especially gray-violets.

Electro Geisha said...

the photo with letters... oh so beautiful :) it makes me wanna write love letters for days...

dessi said...

amazing pictures!

sarah said...

beautiful and inspiring post, thanks for sharing and for your wonderful blog

Anonymous said...

hello sweet mila. i really truly love this post. thank you for sharing all the wonderful treasures you find. and thank you for that amazing comment on my blog. it made me feel so good. i love your words as well, especially your description of the amanda blake art. you describe it perfectly.

amanda blake said...

isn't it funny how opinions of colors change over time, never liked pink myself now i can't get enough of it. your blog is beautiful. thanks so much for featuring my work.

A.C. said...

what a great combination of ideas, pictures and thoughts! I love it!

sueper said...

eindelijk weer tijd gevonden om te bloggen en je superfoto's te bewonderen!
they are great as always!
big kiss

Hayley said...

all of those clothes are adorable.
and i love amanda's drawings, too, and i agree with you about the faces. they're so... intriguing.

Anonymous said...

a question..

why do u promote and fasinate over images of women depressed and anorexic?

[love addiction, eating disorder and mental illness?]

Kally said...

lovely photographs...great post.

Sophie said...

very inspiring pictures... just beautiful!

as usual though! hehe

Meg said...

oh, lovely woman...

just a note to say hello, and many misses xoxo hope you are well...whatever "well" means...xo

oh! is it my turn to write you a message...i will get on that soon! have thought of it often and am such a slacker lately.

happy weekend to come! love Meg

Anonymous said...

you would love kate wilsons illustrations: http://little-doodles.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

you would love kate wilsons illustrations: http://little-doodles.blogspot.com/

ct said...

beautiful images as always =)

Come visit me sometime =)


Anonymous said...


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