Nice titles get difficult after more than 400 posts.

Hi this is me!
Wow, i feel so honoured to have my portrait drawn by the famous Danny Roberts of the amazing blog Igor + Andre. I almost feel like a celebrity! Haha.
Thank you so, so much Danny!

When you were this bird,
what would you feel?
The freedom of being a bird,
who flies alone,
and has the whole sky for him alone?

Or would you feel desperate,
left alone by everybody,
you thought
loved you?

I am so longing
for being outside.
Smell the sweetness
of summer.
Long evenings,
walking outside
with only a little top on.

(Wasn't this sentence in Titanic?)

Gorgeous editorial from here...

They always say,
white is really a Summer thing.
Well, to me,
it's also a Fall and Winter thing.
It's pure beauty
all year round.

i wish i was born
in another century.
I wonder...
would i feel different,
or would i be the exact same person?

I really love the beautiful fabrics,
from this Liberty for Cacharel show...


I just received another beautiful award.
The lovely owner of Smitten Sundays gave it to me and of course, i am more than grateful again!
I want to give it to Luyi, one of my biggest inspirations in the blogosphere.
She finds the most amazing photography and is a lovely, sweet girl!

I also received this amazing award from The Drifter and The Gypsy, which is obviously one of my favourite blogs ever. It's just the most beautiful and dreamy place...
Thank you very much, Micaela!
I want to give this award to my lovely and beautiful Sparkle! Her blog is just....i can't really find the right words, but it's like a dream, a very good one....

I think i have a problem
i think i think too much.

(Maria Mena, Fragile)

Yay for another chaotic post.
I don't seem to be able,
to produce anything else lately.
It is like it is.

(Interior pictures without credits from here,
others from weheartit)


heleen db said...

400 posts already? waw.
I've seen your portrait on Danny Roberts' blog - congratulations! You must feel so honoured, but you deserve it obviously!

Those white rooms remind me of Liebemarlene's little set where she takes the pictures for her vintage shop. It's actually just one wall painted white but I love the peaceful atmosphere it breathes.

And I like you chaotic posts. ^^

luckebabe said...

great portrait! I always enjoy your posts. very creative!!

Anonymous said...

love the portrait. you look so serene and pretty with your long braid.
i also wonder what i would be like if i had been born in another century... what would i think about? what would i dream about? and what would i wear, hehe! congrats on the awards, lovely.

Endofmarch said...

Congrats on the 400 posts, on the awards and on the very very lovely portraits. It's all oh so wonderful!

ND I agree with you, white is a color for all seasons.

Have a nice day!


Lisa said...


you are GORGEOUS. beyond words.

that portrait could not be more beautiful.

ah . love you


Lisa said...


you are GORGEOUS. beyond words.

that portrait could not be more beautiful.

ah . love you


Jenna said...

400?! Jeepers Batman! I don't mind the chaotic posts, I just love reading all of it. =]

And in response to the born in a different century question, I believe you would be very different. If all the things that had happened in our lives never happened...well they wouldn't have happened. And we wouldn't have those to experience and mold our character around.

Just thought I'd add that in =]

agnes said...

so... this is the 400th post already? you have definitely came from a long way dear. And i must say this "chaotic post" does magic to me too. it's lovely :)

Congratulations on the 400th post again! YAY!

indigotangerine said...

I think any post "chaotic" or not are wonderful, they never fail to inspire me. The picture of garden struck me as sad however, like the photographer was on the outside looking in. My favorite was the jumping people. Sigh... Its all so pretty.

Alice X said...

you are soo beautiful mila, that portrait is amazing:)and i adore the words and pictures as always.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Mila, LOVE the portrait!
And I love the complex and eclectic post. Lovely and sensitive.

anywhere I lay my head said...

Lovely drawing, you are so pretty!

Love all the photos and the story about the bird, I think I would feel very free but at the same time very lonely.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

I love to stop by and visit your blog, it is a breathe of fresh air! The Carla Bruni helps create a lovely space.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous gorgeous post. your blogs is one of my favorites in the whole world too! the chaotic element of the posts is what i like best. you write so well. the words you choose are so simple and not fancy at all, and thats what i love best about it. its hard to explain...
oh and btw, my name is spelled "Micaela", not "Michaela". it's okay. the way you spelled it is the more common way and thats the way most people spell it.

Johanne said...

I'm glad it is like it is! Your chaotic posts are always lovely to read. The portrait is really cool,you lucky girl!


setyourselfonfire said...

wow hun you always manage to find the most beautiful and inspiring things to share with us. i don't know how you do it but i am so grateful!

oh_ayla said...

thank you love! you're one of my favorites too.
always so inspiring.
and yet another wonderful post!
i love the words you put with the photo of the bird. and also the pictures you posted from that editorial- thanks for linking it!


Indie.Tea said...

The illustration of you is beautiful! And the post is amazing, as always :)

Heart in a cage said...

Wauw gaaf dat portret! Gefeliciteerd met je vierhonderdste post!<3 Some wens ik ook dat ik in een andere tijd leefde. Dan in de jaren 60/70 en op sandalen lopen en in een busje wonen en reizen. Vrij zijn. Nogal een geromanticeerd idee, maargoed.;)


indigotangerine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
indigotangerine said...

400 posts! that's quite a feat! :) your blog is beautiful you definitely deserve all the awards and such you've recieved. :) and that portrait is lovely!


Marian said...

darling congrats to your 400 posts! heres to another 400 :o).
the illustration is beautiful!
big kiss,

Britt said...

beautiful illustration!
and i love the interior pics, white is gorgeous.

Linnéa said...

Congrats with the award and the portrait, so lucky <3

K. Sundari said...

I think that line is in Titanic. That last picture reminds me of Shakespeare.
That illustration of you is very pretty. It's a great one for an avatar, so you are still a little bit mysterious. All 400 of your posts are very interesting I'm sure!

Callie Grayson said...

beautiful post!

Hayley said...

wow, 400 posts!
&+ the "if you jump, i will jump, too" quote might have been in titanic, but its also in the lyrics to the "we the kings" song, "Skyway Avenue".
I loved all the pictures from this post (:

Lola-Elise said...

Ohmigod! 400 posts! i am in love with your blog, always makes me smile :)

Please visit my new blog:


Natalie said...

I have given you an award on my blog! Thanks for being an inspiration...

thesearchforchic said...


constance said...

i love that last picture, so unsettling!
your blog is great!

smitten said...


congratulations on 400 posts! it is a truly remarkable feat and as a loyal reader, i am grateful for all 400 of them :)

im so glad you liked your award and i definately agree that luyi deserves it. thankyou so much for mentioning it and my blog in your post!

your portrait is just lovely and so are you.

have a fantastic week. i will be posting again very soon...



tigermilk said...

congrats on everything and yes i agree white is pure and purity dosent come in seasons.

Maverick said...

Gorgeous portrait Mila!!

Who is the artist of the song on your blog, please? I'd love to get the album :)

xoxo, mavi

Eve said...

e drawing he made of u is incredible!

and letting u know that my blog link has been changed to..


StickyKitten said...

wow~that's quite a lot of posts! =)
i really dig the portrait of you....that is so cool!

i love the drifter and the gypsy too....micaela is so sweet!!xo
hope you are having a lovely day, dear mila..


Michelle Parks McCourt said...

congrats to you. You are a star. I love your posts and the music too.

Matilda Iréne Linnéa said...

That portrait of you is amazing! I like them caotic posts, it's like reading a magazine or something. :)
Hope you're well!

♥ Matilda

Anonymous said...

Hey Mila,

I think your painted picture is really cool. I always like it when things get put down on paper its like it lives and exist even more.

And about you bird piece written its really deep and I have to say I am that bird and I feel both ways. Wich can be really confusing at times.

Its like the eagle and chicken story I dont know if you know it but even with all the things that come along with it I rather be an eagle anyday :)

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

Thank you for linking me!!! Made my day.

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

Thank you for linking me!!! Made my day.

luyi said...

You're such an amzing girl! Thanks for the award.

Check this!!

mady dooijes said...

je hebt het weer zo mooi op papier weten te zetten...
i 'think' we have the same problem...
and wow what an amazing portrait! just gorgeous. hope you are well love. x

TheMinx said...

gorgeous illustration, and gorgeous post! I adore that ed with tiiu kuik (I just posted about it on my blog yesterday, in fact!), and the song on your profile, qu'est-ce que c'est? I adore it :)

Anonymous said...

haha...and i find myself here yet again. visit my blog. there's a little surprise there waiting for you. its hiding within the interview and you'll definitely recognize it when you see it ;)

ashley said...

tee hee,
that is my favourite title you have done yet!
i adore those white rooms, i feel like a white room would be so perfect to clear your head and dream away in...
congratulations on your awards: you and your beautiful blog very much deserve them,
kisses and cuddles,

kara - all things ordinary said...

hi mila mila. thank you for such the thoughtful comment on the zine. it is so exciting, and i appreciate that you will give it a shout.

look forward and talk soon!

Candice said...

Great photos...your blog is amazing!

Vintage Tea said...

The drawing is so beautiful. You are so lucky to be drawn by such a wonderful artist

Come see me at http://vintage-tea.blogspot.com/


Sarah Hermans said...

even though sparkle may be to a faraway paradise,
sarah is still here,

ik wou je gewoon even zeggen dat ik sparkle verwijderd heb, omdat ik, ja, het was te zeer mij aant worden, en ik vond maar geen manier om sarah hermans van sparkle te scheiden... kheb nu een nieuwe blog, meer voor mijn inspiratie en veel minder over mij, minder boeiend dus ook, want mensen lazen het liefst de dingen over mijn leven zeggen ze, maar ach.
ik wou gewoon niet naar het niets verdwijnen.

sparkle gaat je missen, lieve magische mila

Missa said...

Oh, the Liberty collection! I'm so in love with it, it's absolute spring perfection!

I also love your beautiful interpretation of the two perspectives of the bird photo :)

Congrats on your beautiful portrait as well, you look so pretty... those lips, those eyes, those cheekbones... ooh la la!

much love to you <3

Anonymous said...


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