Heavenly finds

Don't you just love these beautiful, sweet birds?
Painted by the very talented Elizabeth Bauman.

Gorgeousness by Naomi Ryder....

Oooooooh, this gorgeous kitchen.
An absolute dream of mine...

And this gorgeous bedroom...
that just breathes summermorning.
Let's go to the park,
lay in the sun
all day
with you.

This never happens to me,
when i ride on my bicycle...

I have to admit,
Chloe is still one of the loves
of my life.
Kind of silly,
i know.
She just has
SO much style,
while she seems so

Collages on your wall,
still such a big love.
And still a thing
i really want to do
on one of my walls...

The most beautiful outfit,
i've seen
in a long...
long time.

(Facehunter via Knightcat)

This is truly one of the most beautiful...
rooms i've ever seen.

Let's just.....

.... and live our lives.
What else can we do?

(Pictures without credit from weheartit)


vintageveggie said...

mmmm. this post made me feel all warm and yummy inside.... but then again that is how all of your ports make me feel.

Maggie May said...

i adore your blog, the music, the photos, and i adore birds.

ABCDErica said...

Many inspirations, I must say. Very lovely :)

Endofmarch said...

How lovely. I feel all warm inside, even though there is almost a snowstorm outside.
How I want Spring to come!

Have a nice day!


Design Lovely said...

You have the best eye for things. I love it all!

Jess. said...

Ohhh I love all of these treasures that you have found, dear! Especially that bed, I just want to sink in it and dream away. Thank you for sharing!


StickyKitten said...

i love that kitchen too! a very warm and homey post.xo

danica said...

a wonderful post, mila. it is filled with oh so many delightful things. i hope that you're well :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post...and I love that kitchen,too.

luyi said...

The bedroom shot is amazing, and so is your blog, Mila!!

Heart in a cage said...

Ah mooi! Vooral de slaapkamer, fotolijstjes aan de wand en Chloë 8)


Carlotta said...

the kitchen is a dream, I'd love to have a total white ones! I agree on Chloe she's perfect love her style she's so natural and fresh ;-)

Siamese Saffron said...

I am just enchanted by your ability to see the beauty in things - you make it all seem worthwhile. love xx

anywhere I lay my head said...

Lovely lovely<333 I love the picture of the bed ^^ YOur pictures makes me want a white room when the plan is to have a dark one xD

sara said...

beautiful beautiful post, as always.

the naomi ryder piece is stunning. and the summerroom <3 oh how i wish it was summer now! also the wall collage with the animal pictures, lovely.

hope you are well

sara said...

beautiful beautiful post, as always.

the naomi ryder piece is stunning. and the summerroom <3 oh how i wish it was summer now! also the wall collage with the animal pictures, lovely.

hope you are well

Rosie Posie said...

hello my love!

what a truely goegeous post!!! i love the artwork you found. the birds are just beautiful. how i wish i could create artwork like that!!!

i dearly would love to create a wall collage like those, also. i will one day. i will find some very special pictures, and some delicate frames, and select a wall. beautiful.

all of he rooms you found look so peaceful. i could imagine living in each and every one, and being inspired and happy every moment of every day.

i have been away a little while, busy busy. but it is a joy to come back and find posts full f wonder by beautiful you, it truely is!!

thank you for being so inspiring, always


Maverick said...

Mila dear,
lovely post of course. I want to dive into that bed!

~L~ said...

I adore your blog. Beautiful.

Lovie, L

Rina said...

beautiful beautiful pictures! I love birds!!

cleolikesyou said...

mooie post hoor!
bedankt voor de tag trouwens, ik ga zeker meedoen, alleen dat laat misschien even op zich wachten;)
ik heb trouwens nog wat vraagjes, heb jij namelijk ook dat als je bij een nieuw bericht een witregel maakt, dat je deze dan niet ziet in het voorbeeld en op je blog zelf? Ik los het nu telkens maar op met puntjes tussen de zinnen, maar het stoort me wel.
En ik heb me lay-out nu veranderd naar die die jij ook hebt, alleen heb ik nu het probleem dat plaatjes die je via url in het bericht zet, niet aan de linkerkant willen gaan staan maar alleen in het midden, waardoor je eignelijk ook de tekst enzo in het midden moet zetten om er nog iets van te maken. Hoe heb jij dit opgelost, of gebeurt dit alleen bij mij;) ?

Zmaga said...

Beautiful finds, indeed... especially the rooms.

Anonymous said...

love the bird painting!
thanks for always taking the time to link the artists, i'll make sure to check her out :)

vintageveggie said...

haha thanks, i will probably need all the help i can get!

meg said...

Dude! Chloe rocks in all sorts of ways, agreed! She is a total hotty irl too. We went to school together when we both used to have shaved heads and love Lemonheads records and the Sugarcubes. She is a great person, truly. Did you see the new Missbehaves mag? She is on the cover for the Feb issue, gorge as ever.

Hugs, lovely post all around xo

meg said...

Dude! Chloe rocks in all sorts of ways, agreed! She is a total hotty irl too. We went to school together when we both used to have shaved heads and love Lemonheads records and the Sugarcubes. She is a great person, truly. Did you see the new Missbehaves mag? She is on the cover for the Feb issue, gorge as ever.

Hugs, lovely post all around xo

meg said...

not sure why that posted twice, weird-o-rama. i didn't even hit the keys twice to enter! hmmmm...please feel free to delete one, k...


Blicious said...

sighhhhh i loved this post!

Pearls and Peonies said...

All these things are so beautiful! :)

Patricia Villablanca said...

lovely post :)

Johanne said...

Lovely as always. The birds are to cute! I wish I could paint like that!

laura said...

that bla bla bla thingo on the pink wall is soooo adorable! oh and i do want a collage wall too!

Maria C said...

i have been missing your blog and you all at the same time.
lack of internet is not fun sometimes ;)

I hope you have been well my dear.
I may travel to Amsterdam this year, mid year perhaps... i'll let you know if i head their sooner :)

Anonymous said...

this is a truly lovely post. i too am still in love with chloe sevigny. her style is so quirky and sweet. i will always want to emulate her just a little bit. and those wall-collages are so perfect. when i have my own apartment someday, i would very much like to decorate like that. thank you for all this prettiness, mila.

Duermevela said...

beautiful thoughts and images...

Anonymous said...

beautiful post!!! i love the frame collage thing so much! i just did something like that on my walls in my room and i love it...they're just all mis-matched frames put together in a random collage...it looks really artsy...you should totally do it.

Alice X said...

amaazing inspiration mila:) i lovee the drawings.


Becca Jane said...

this is such a beautiful post! I love the birds - they are gorgeous. and all those rooms are such inspiring designs.

MeganElisabeth said...

your blog is full of wonderful things.
such a good read.

sara sani said...


I follow your blog, it's so lovely!
I'd like to do a link exchange!
I'll put your link in my blog list!



Fashionistadiary said...

such a beautiful and personal blog! im in love! keep up the amazing work!!! xo


smitten said...

Hi Mila,

I just wanted to thank you for providing such a magical blog in Loveology and present you with this small token of my appreciation (http://www.box.net/shared/u9v9zcnesu). :)

I am a stylist, writer and graphic designer in Melbourne, Australia and have found Loveology to be an invaluable resource for inspiration - both in my work and in everyday life.

If i am ever feeling a little down, i find there is nothing more uplifting than reading one of your posts. They always make me remember that life is full of beautiful things.

I have linked to you on my new blog http://smittensundays.blogpost.com

Thanks again for creating something that has become a true highlight of my day,

I look forward to reading your next post :)

Kind Regards,


smitten said...

thank you so much.

if you ever have anything you'd news or thoughts you'd like to share you can contact me any time at sarah@stoolpigeon.com.au

have a lovely day :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the totally sweet comment on my blog! you are so adorable. i feel the same way about your blog, too though. its seriously gorgeous. its weird because you don't think your blog is all that great and other people love it, but then the blogs you love, the owners of them don't really think their blog's all that great, but they are so in love with yours and are like yours is so much better than mine and you're like no, yours is so much better than mine. if that makes any sense. it sounds complicated, but its really not.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah and in response to your other comment, i'll show you the pictures of my frame collage thing when i get around to it...im really busy, but i'll keep in mind to take pictures of my room for you guys. and if i forget, don't worry about reminding me :)

caisa said...

how lovely isn't your blog?! fantastic

Outi said...

Mila my inspirer,

I have fallen off of blog world for a while now, I am not sure why, but I have not spent much time browsing through blogs in a while.

However I just wanted to say yours inspires me still. When I come back - and I do keep on coming back - I always see something that can help me plan how I want my room to look like, for example. You have really paved the way for a new mood for me in terms of interior decoration. So, thank you for having such an impeccable eye and bringing these gorgeousnesses to us! :)


Kathryn said...

A little bit of bird news from my blog (I thought you might be enjoy this story):

p.s. I love your blog!

beverley said...

what a cute and lovely post! thanks for sharing all the pictures :)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your sweet comment. it's such an honor to be added to your blogroll! yours is one of my favorite blogs. especially your fashion and art picks. i bookmark almost every site to return to when i have money... sigh.

agnes said...

You mix different thoughts and inspiration together perfectly once again dear :) i have one word for this post : Love.

Hayley said...

that room is so peaceful. it's really what i need right now (:
and i absoltely adore your blog (: it's such a mix of everything and anything, and it really keeps my attention, and i love it (:

Sol said...

Wow everything in this post is so beautiful. I love the inspirational book, really nice work.
And that kitchen and bedroom! I hope my own would be as nice as those.

Gisele said...

Hope you don´t mind getting tagged again, I got tagged to list 7 random things about myself and since I like your blog I tag you.


indigotangerine said...

this was a lovely post!
the birds are beautiful, and the wall photo collages are lovely too. those rooms are beautiful and calm too.
and i love that bla bla picture at the end. ;)


Jip said...

hoi mila,
Ik vind je blog echt heel leuk en haal er veel inspiratie uit! Is het ook al een beetje lente in jouw deel van Nederland :).

Liefs Jip

Anonymous said...


Naomi Ryder said...

thank you kindly for the post with my work.
Love your blog by the way. blog.
am slowly getting into it myself!

many thanks Naomi