Some love is lost
some is never found.

So what do I do with all the love I have? Send it into the skies? Write it on every surface possible for strangers to see? What you don’t seem to have realized is that this love was meant for you, for you to feel that yes, I would give up everything for you if needed. But of course, you don’t want it, so now I am left with suitcases of this love-turned-heartbreak while waiting in the rain for someone else to come and fetch me instead.

I am in love with words.
Words that touch.
They may hurt, but they touch.
That's what counts.

Do you know that feeling
that sometimes
something hurts
so bad
but in some kind of
good way
so it still hurts
but also feels like love.

I think
i'd miss you
even if we had
never met.

Can you carry someone's heart,
while that person doesn't know
you are carrying his heart?

If the love is real
you never owe him

To be completely honest,
you look so fucking good
every day
it hurts my eyes
and my heart.
It's not your fault,
i know.

I just can't give up on you
not yet.
I'm sorry.

(Pictures from several Tumblr's you can see on the left of my blog)


Natalie said...

oh my, the sheer preciousness of the first image just melted my heart!

LF said...

I love these. Thanks for the smile :)

Anonymous said...

I love youre blog! it´s so adorable :)

Ashley Rose said...

Wow Mila :) truly inspiring.
You are such a beautiful poet!

Teabagstains said...

This was wonderful! and images <3 very cute the first one..

Anna Wallace said...

i know just what you mean about feeling love and pain at the same time.

when i am feeling very in love, i get a physical pain in my hand and i know it is real.

MJ said...

Everything in this post is oh so precious. It made me happy, because I am loved. It also made my heart ache because my love is far away. But nevertheless, the ache reminds me that I am loved, and so I am happy again. This is the kind of vicious circle (or is it cycle?) that I like :) thank you so much for this. As usual everything is just perfect.
You seem to like Tumblr, do you have one? You are more than welcomed to check out mine if you want!


Anonymous social worker said...

love, ahh such a nice feeling, or at least i think it's nice. i've ner been in love.

Anonymous said...

awww...this is the sweetest post ever. i love love lolz :) your blog is the most beautiful thing in the whole world. i love the theme of love and pain a lot...

Ailin said...

i think you can carry someone elses heart without them knowing, but if they do know that your carrying their heart, the weight might be lighter.

And i love the Hafiz poem.

Thankyou for the magic you share with us.

notebookdoodles said...

sigh.. love. it can hurt so much and yet it can lighten up your day. i guess love is a give and take situation. it's not perfect.. it's just the way it is =)

i hope you are well, mila. stay warm.


Anonymous said...

these words sound true and if so, hang in there. you are full of sweetness and so special and real and good. don't forget it. there will be other people who will be able to accept all that love.

Raver Ria said...

Mila, i love this post. So beautiful.
I love the feeling of being in love.. seeing people in love... seeing art inspired by love...
For some weird reason I was thinking about Romeo and Juliet today.. that is love (i think) in its purest form.

However, keep wearing black ;)

anywheredreams said...

So beautiful:D Made me think a lot<3

Marian said...

i am a lover of love. a soppy romantic!so this post was just lovely for me.I love the I carry your heart in my heart quote,its been a fave for a long time.
never stop believing in love dear.
muah x

Charis Sharpe said...

Wow Mila! A beautiful post x

leeselooks said...


i think you eptiomize the definition of love.

the joy and love that you radiate from your blog is ever SO amazing...
i dont think you realize it.

and i mean the love you radiate to others.

your comment put the biggest smile on my face...and i could feel your heartfelt meaning in each word.
now that is special.

you have a gift mila.


Johanne said...

This was so beautiful. God, I LOVE YOUR BLOG Mila!


mimi said...

oh the first illustration and the brown book covers are perfection. so lovely

Kimberley Brandsma said...

Oh prachtig.. Ik heb eigenlijk nog nooit echt dat gevoel gehad.. Maar dat komt vast wel (ooit, hoop ik)

suzie-lose said...


*dies a little*

Anonymous said...

goodness i am feeling all of it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

goodness i am feeling all of it!!!!!!

Anouk said...

i love the first pic.

Missa said...

"I think
i'd miss you
even if we had
never met."

So beautiful Mila! I'm wishing on stars for you dear, I hope it all works out!

D. said...

Beautiful post! Especially the part about Sun and Earth.
Really lovely.

Vera said...

I really like your posts. your whole blog reminds me of that one song & video from boards of canada check it out if you don't know them: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=lrBZeWjGjl8


Unknown said...

beautiful... love hurts..

luyi said...

Mila, you are always the best.

Bless you with all my love!

Simone said...

Just beautiful. Thank you Mila!

notebookdoodles said...

hello, mila =) i forgot to mention that i tagged you on my blog! i hope you can do it.


ashley said...

sweet sweet mila~
this makes me feel warm in my heart and breaks it at the same time~ love can be such a challenge...i hope you are well and keep that creative energy going~ you inspire me everytime i click to you!
x ashley

nikole said...

it's nice mila

Anonymous said...

I love to love!!!!
Love is always in my heart, for my man, my two beautiful daughters, my grandson, my son in law, my parents, my sisters, my brother.
But sometimes it really hurts and you know why.
But I do believe in your strenght, it always comes through.
Love you till death, beautiful girl! Eefje

jenn of boy howdy daily said...

love is a beautiful disaster. great post.

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Long live love!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, poetic... thank you!

Melmo Momoko said...

wonderful post!
i love the first pic and the cards.
love reading your blog

Abby said...

ohh love! too cute.

Abby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Agent Black said...

i love the way you use text in your blog and how it sort of symbolizes the disjointed way love feels..

Lexie said...

i think this is beautiful. especially the cummings poem reference.

Anonymous said...

i juz cant help myself feel so touch when reading ur posts...
esp dis one......wif luv.

luv can be so sweet n so hurts......n especially when da other party doesnt no u r carryin' his/ her heart.

luv it.


Anonymous said...

these photos are amazing! your posts are always so thought-provoking. Love is just... such a paradox. I always feel that love is the thing that makes the world go round. It can be so wonderful yet so painful... probably the biggest thing we'll know in our lives yet still be unable to understand.

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

Love this!! The poem is great.

Anonymous said...

I have given your blog an award!! Check out my blog to see it=)

Have a wonderful day!!!!

esme and the laneway said...


Betsey said...

oooh my goodness! thank you so so much for the amazingly lovely awards! i feel very honored that you chose me! you are so sweet and just beautiful!

Merily said...

That's sweet.

Chantelle said...

I love these! Especially the sun& earth one!

Adelaide McKenzie said...

i love this. thank you. absolutely beautiful!


Name: Ali said...

your blog is so effing fantastic,
i love it.

karolyn said...

Mila, is there any source for the first image on this post? I WANT IT BADLY. i love it so much... Let me know if you have any information!!


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Linn said...

That is just -so- beautiful!

Unknown said...

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Lemonade Diet said...

oh my, the sheer preciousness of the first image just melted my heart!