Some feelings seem to be caught into cages
you want to break the door open
but the doors are always locked
and won't open
until you very softly
open your heart.

My heart tend to break every time i see you
i tell it to stop crying
and be tough
but it doesn't listen.
Do i have something to say?

Your eyes sometimes
seem to discover
Very slowly but without
forgetting anything
they see.

What do they see?
Do they see me?
I want them to see me
all of me
and the deepest things
and thoughts of me.

It's like we already know
so much.
But are afraid
to know everything.
That would make us love
and love

You might want to listen to this gorgeous and special music.

Pictures from here and several Tumblr's you can find on the left of this blog.


stacy said...

bring me your heart.

love it.

i bring my heart everywhere i go.

beverley said...

:) pretty

makemoremistakes said...

You are so beautiful. Your words are beautiful too. Love you so so much girl. I especially like the goodbye picture. It's wonderful. We feel so many of the same emotions, it makes me smile even though they are sometimes sad feelings. I hope you're well.


Outi said...


How are you doing? How are you feeling these days?

I sense melancholy behind your words, a longing for beauty yet a feeling of restraint -- it is like sometimes we feel this longing and a compulsive, desperate desire for deep beauty and truth but something holds us back?

Back in blogland, looking forward to hearing from you again,



Maria C said...

very poetic, the images really represent your words.

I tagged you for the 'i love your blog awards'.

notebookdoodles said...

lovely entry mila. i can relate to it very much as i am somewhat going through all these emotions and feelings.

i hope you are well.


Anonymous said...

i love love love, such great words, the pictures are also so beautiful.

Lisa said...

is everything ok?

sending all my love to you beautiful bee.


ailin said...

hi Milla.

these beautiful pictures and your beautiful words make the perfect combination, but is everything ok? There seems to be a sad tone hiding in there.

Hugs to you.

Patries said...

So sweet, en mooi foto's. Vooral van: bring me your heart.


o en je staat bij me links ;)

sueper said...

Weer zo mooi - ook echt goed geschreven - jij moet hier echt je job van maken

Charissima said...

Mila... as always such beautiful pictures... thank you

Teabagstains said...

wow, i just found you and you are wonderful, i love the images and the words, the words are the best bit.


hrose said...

your blog is truly lovely, the pictures are so captivating and beautiful and the words even more so. what a great post, i really really loved it/.

Sheila Bocchine, Pinhole Photographer said...

your blog is spectacular... where do you find such gorgeous photographs? I especially love the birdcages (wow) and the bubble photograph.

I want to live in your world!

StickyKitten said...

wow, beautiful words, beautiful pictures♥ i understand how you feel.


beautiful words,beautiful images!
i hope you find all the desire of your heart.

sara said...

I´m in love with your blog!

Anonymous said...

love this.
that quote about laughing and crying over love pretty much fits my life to a tee right now..

ryder said...

very winter like, love the colors and fonts u r usein. well, love and tears... unfortunatelly they match.

Hila said...

So lovely ... what else can I say? :)

Hila said...

Thanks for letting me know about my photos Mila! I think I've fixed the problem - can you let me know if you can see them now? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you for another amazing, beautiful post!

agnes said...

beautiful as always.. and i love what you wrote about a cage. that's how i feel the first moment i saw the pic as well.

chloe said...

"when i said your name it was like saying look at those clouds." amazing. keep being so sweet and desperately open.

babelfish said...

Beautiful words and images.

Missa said...

Oh Mila, I could get lost for days in your blog. Really I could, it's filled with so many layers upon layers of beauty. I've missed it!

Hope you are ok dear. I've got a little blog award thingy for you over at my blog if you'd like it :)

The hearts and bubbles make me smile!

...love Maegan said...

oh those cages. i adore them.

Outi said...

It is interesting you say you feel happy about being able to forgive.

I think forgiving scares me. It is like letting go. Not controlling anymore.

But it also does make things easier. For me, to accept myself and others. It goes hand in hand. I have realised it is easier to forgive and deal with how humane everyone is because I have started to understand and accept it in myself. I have always had this thought of not being lovable if I am not put together, if I fail, if I am not perfect -- if I am humane... As I am. As we all are.

Piper Madison said...

Your blog makes me want to be a poet - or be loved by one who would wake me up every morning with beautiful words... :)
Just beautiful, Mila.

gircuri said...

i find today your blog!! it beautiful... and your pictures... all, specially the music...!!

REread said...


melmo said...

wonderful. i love it.

Betsey said...

so so beautiful

Mettch said...

this is all so beautiful, it's almost too much. i really don't know what to say other than that i always find such inspiration in your posts. keep up the fantastic work dear! xx.

Anonymous said...

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