When you long for love.

When you just don't know what to do.

When you don't know what's best for you.

When you don't know.

When you just don't


You only know you've lost the fight.

And when you know every loss can be made right

you know you've never really lost

a thing.

But still

it sometimes hurts

so bad

that the whole world just kept

turning around

while you felt like dying.

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love and agression said...

i love this.. the text is so pure and real. did you write it yourself?
it is amazing. just like your blog. you are my homepage and i look forward to every single one of your posts.

you are an amazing girl mila. dont forget it. there are enough people here who tell you so, but believe in yourself, cause only then the words of others will be of much more greater value.

Ariel Starling said...

Oh so very beautiful.
I feel like that right now.
I couldn't have said it so wonderfully.


sarah said...

Oh mila, I didn't feel well today,
but now I read your blog, I feel lovely again.
thank you with all my heart
(also, i must share a secret, not to everyone, but just to you,
ik ben sarah van morphidee,
of sarah van sarahhermans' flickr, of het meisje dat die tweede foto in je blog hierboven nam hihi)

Anonymous said...

i like the first picture although it's quite eerie!
lovely post x

Female Action Star said...

Amazingly put!! and very touching... thanks alot for ur beautiful photos and lovely words


notebookdoodles said...

hello mila.

beautiful post with beautiful photos and words.. but i hope you are doing okay.. cause it sounds a little sad =(

cheer up =)


Ivonne from Self Exposed said...

My exact feelings for the last weekend...

Just Lovely

sarah said...

oh, ik weet het, ik ben stout :)
en wel, neen, kheb morphidee gewist, een meisje van mijn oude school had hem gevonden, en .. wel, kvoelde me daar niet zo goed bij..
maar nu is het ook weer zo moeilijk.
ik wil niet dat op de duur mensen die ik ken of mensen die mijn foto's kennen weten dat sparkle van mij is... grrrrr.
ik hoop dat je je gelukkig voelt lieve lieve mila,
want je maakt zo veel mensen gelukkig.

Anonymous said...

so, so beautiful and so recent...

DUSKIN said...

again, you are amazing.

Chantelle said...


You know I love this post, and all your posts. I'm going to leave your blog up while I write my essay, because the pictures calm me down. And when I get super stressed, I re read what you wrote. Your blog is like therapy for the anxious. <3

Betsey said...

this is beautiful
so so beautiful and real. amazing.

beverley said...

pretty, sad and true. I wish it wasn't so.

tigermilk said...

lovely post

leeselooks said...

never stop dreaming mila.

you provide us with such a gift.
remember that.


luyi said...

you always have such great taste in picking up best photos.

the words are touching as well.


Mirthe said...

Ik ga altijd nadenken van je posts, en daarna wordt ik er blij van. Heel mooi:)

Windy Days said...

you sound a little blue, i hope you feel better soon mila. thanks for your comment, it's sometimes hard to figure out what to do with your life, but i'm sure we'll get there in the end. :)

ashley said...

i hope you are not down, as you make everyone feel so good..
beautiful post as always sweetie,
x ashley

Anonymous said...

this is how i feel. boys can be rubbish.

Flavia Flanders said...

your blog is amazing, and the photos are perfect.

Matilda Iréne Linnéa said...

Beautiful post Mila! You always find the perfect pictures...

<3 Matilda

michelle said...

These are beautiful, especially the first one. There is something about out of focus black and white photographs that always captures me.

Also I just read your comment from a few weeks ago and I would love to exchange links.

Bella Harris said...

Oh so lovely... and the images are gorgeous and full of inspiration!

Anonymous said...

i love the lighting...
perfect for the LA rainy day I'm having

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog eventhough it's my first comment ... like especially your soundtrack... give me a clue, what are your favorite artists ?

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Thanks for your kind comment...so sorry to get back so late...got to catch up as I just got backfrom along trip...& my PC is also getting slow on me... Anyhow, I enjoy all your visual delightsss as well... will/SHALL definitely be back to enjoy your blog. Love your country by the way, the Indonesian Satay sauce with fries is something new to me;)...yum-yum!

~b l e s s ings 2U*

Lana said...

wow, wat een mooie tekst en de foto's zijn zo goed gekozen, compliment!

waar ik al die tijd was :P? effe een breakje, was inspiratieloos. maar nu ben ik terug :D!

love and agression said...

hey, i read your message back to me! And dont thank me for the kind words; you deserve all of them!

I know all about going through a rough time in your life. my parents just got divorced. It felt like somebody ripped out my heart and threw it on the floor and stepped on it.

I know how much i can hurt when people continue their life, while you are hurting so so bad. I have been there, and have felt completely worthless. But I know I am a good person. And there are just people in the world who can not listen to other peoples problems. And thats okay, everybody is different. Just be glad that you do care about those things. It makes you a better person. and you know, you will be fine. it will take time, but take all the time you need. You are important.
If it is one thing i have learned it is to put yourself on top of the list. you are an amazing person, with the ability to make other people feel good without even being there with them. And im pretty sure you got even more talents than just that one!

some times are dark, heavy and rough but cling on to the good times. even though there are just a few. you will make it through.

love, suzanne

PS: im sorry if i posted this twice, my computer was acting strange!

Missa said...

Heartbreakingly beautiful Mila. I hope you are ok dear, lot's of love to you!

Now I wish I could go build myself a little fort with feathers and tea lights to take a nap in :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I created one just yesterday so you should check it out! Thanks!

makemoremistakes said...

You're so beautiful. I love this, it's how I have been feeling so often lately. I especially love the photo of the text tattoo- I want to get one done but I have not found the perfect thing to have written on my body for always.

I hope you are well love- I SO wish I could just come and give you a big big big hug right now.


shilvia said...

lovely...simply lovely!!! those words takes my breath away :) i mentioned you in my blog...i hope its alright with you :D

Anonymous said...

The most beautiful words!! I love you, dear girl. Eefje

Anonymous said...

Lieve Mila!

Ik was echt ontdaan door deze post.
Hoewel je op mijn blog misschien niet veel van me hoort.. nog bedankt voor je berichtje overigens.

Kijk ik elke dag eventjes op jouw plekje waar je volgens mij naast een heleboel moois ook heel veel emoties toont.

Ik begrijp heel goed hoe je je voelt.
Liefs Ruby

S. said...

You are beautiful.


cleolikesyou said...


Anonymous said...

great posts as usual.i loove reading your blog so much dear Mila.