Loveology's ABC (New Tag!)

A. is for beautiful Art...




B is for Baking.
Hmm...if i think about baking a cake, i can already smell the sweet scent of it going through the spaces of my home...


C stands for Cooking in beautiful kitchens...

D is for Dreaming.




E is for Escaping...




F is for Fooooooooood


G stands for Giving

...friendship, flowers, love, little gifts, hugs...



H is for Home

Oh home, sweet sweet home. You are always there.
Sometimes i love it so to hide myself in you...

(3, others)

I is for Interior (hehe)

(Both via, 1)

J is for Joking.

Can't help myself.
This is just funny and i couldn't come up with anything better for the J.

I thought it would be nice to make this ABC some sort of a tag!
I already did this one from A till J, so let it be finished (and started again?) by someone else.

The rules:

1. If you are tagged, link to the person who tagged you.
2. If someone tagged you, start with the letter that comes after the one the person that tagged you ended with.
3. You have to do 1 letter, and if you like it, you can do a max of 3 letters before you pass the tag to someone else.
4. Tell the person you tagged that she/he has been tagged. Also link to that person.
5. Feel free to do what you want with this ABC, your letters are all yours!

When we ended this ABC by the letter Z, we can of course start all over again with the A. There are so many great things to come up with at every letter!

I hope this is all clear and of course, you think this is a nice idea!

The person i tag is: Ashley from Strawberry Kisses.


Romeika said...

This is the most lovely tag I've ever seen, and so are your abc choices. The cat animation was really cute hehe

ashley said...

oh mila, i am so chuffed you have tagged me because i think it is a brilliant idea and really want to play...
i will start tonight and hopefully have something in the next day or so.
i love your letter choices, so pretty and peaceful {as always}
will let you know when i am ready;)
thank you lovely lady.
x ashley

HANNAH-ZOË said...

what a lovely idea! your choices are ever so dreamy!

maisie #1 and #2 said...

mmmmm lovely.

cleolikesyou said...

ja leuk idee!
prachtige fotos as always:)
en over je vorige post, voor mij hoef je niks te veranderen aan je blog, ik vind m prachtig zoals hij is. en nee mooie fotos vervelen nooit, ik word er elke keer weer vrolijk van!

Female Action Star said...

I love how ur posts r always sweet and peaceful... They let u kno that there still is beautiful things on this earth even tho its so frigged up! But thanks for that.. I often use ur blog to forget about the "bad" things

Lisa said...

this is beautiful mila.

such a dream...

i love "h"... no place like home...

i truly feel blessed to have 2 homes.

i hope you're having a lovely weekend.


deryik said...

hi, i was thinking of sending an e-mail but couldnt find an address. this might be a little long for a comment..

just wanted to say hi cos i really like ur blog. and im really happy to see a blogger from den haag, cos i studied there for 15 months (in Institute of Social Studies). we even made a "hug the hague" free hugs campaign :) it was a nice time there, tho i i never got used to the weather. dudok apple pies helped me with that:)

i guess u like illustrations, this is one of my favourites, maybe u'd like to check. he's quite of a talent: sadidas.deviantart.com. helps with heartbreak, too.

and one last thing, access to blogger.com is banned in Turkey, meaning any blogspot.com blog is inaccessable (longlive anonymous proxy services, thats how im here) just cos somebody complained about one single blog/video to the court. same thing with youtube: out of reach for last 6 months. stupid, i know, hope its gonna be over soon. but it made me realize how strong my attachment to my blog is. so my B is for blog or blogging in general. and i guess F is for freedom of speech.


yiqin; said...

Ah beautiful. Now I want an eye patch too!

Anonymous said...

Exquisite blog may friend...

Jordi from Barcelona..

Anonymous said...

Exquisite blog may friend...

Jordi from Barcelona..

my thoughts said...

Lieve Mila!
Bedankt voor je berichtje vanochtend, er verscheen een glimalach op mn gezicht toen ik hem las.
Fijn dat iemand me begrijpt..

Ook je post maakt me nu aan het glimlachen, zo mooi die illustratie's/collage's.. echt heel oogstrelend!


Anonymous said...

I really like this post!! It's a cute idea.

Jill Geraghty-Groves said...


thesearchforchic said...

Oh how beautiful. <3

Thumbelina said...

Oh this sounds like such a fun tag!! I love all of your choices. The dreaming ones, the interiors, the foooddd, the art... sigh... so gorgeous. And I think I mention cats everytime I comment...sorry, haha. But that kitty looks EXACTLY like my Simon, it's quite uncanny really.
Hope you are doing well, and thanks for checking in! I have just been super stressed and busy, mixed in with an on and off again flu/cold, yuck. I am so bad at having regular posts!
Well anyway,
Ciao dear <3

PIONERO DE LA POESÍA ASERTÓRICA. "Todo lo que es, deja de ser simultáneamente y es"... Éclides said...

ich finde dein Blog mit großartigem und tieferem Einsichten


grüsse aus Bayern

danica said...

This is an excellent tag, Mila! I love your image alphabet - so many inspiring things in a small space :) Hope you're well!

Heather said...

so, so lovely mila!!!

makemoremistakes said...

Oh Mila, lovely, this is the best tag ever!! I love it! You chose such beautiful and wonderful pictures as well (as you always do!) I certainly love your blog more and more every time I check it. And also, you just HAVE to come and live with me in brooklyn, so we can have wonderful, pretty, lacy, amazing tea parties together.

I hope you are fabulous, love


Nature Grafitti said...

What a lovely tag!
I adore all of these photos... The dream ones are so gorgeous!!

belle.chantelle said...

You always pick such fantastic shots, I just sit there and picture myself in all these places. These photographers are so lucky. And their talent is undeniable. Great post...just great!!

michiko said...

Lovely :) I love baking and cooking also.
That dreaming cat pic is so adorable, and the video is too cute!

ashley said...


i finished 3- i could have gone forever!
i truly hope this catches on well- it is brilliant!

happy monday sweetie,
x ashley

NonchalantMod said...

amazing showcasing of these pictures!

belle.chantelle said...

np mila,
I spent well over an hour looking through all the photos on the first page of your blog, and checking out the links you provided. VERY ENTERTAINING! <3

Susanna-Cole said...

Mila, you are so clever! I love the this tag, beautiful, inspiring, and quite unique from all the other tags I've seen, and I'm really excited because you tagged Ashley, and she tagged me, so I'll get to do it soon! :D

This pictures are beautiful and I love the words you choose to represent the letters and the pictures too! Just fantastic, my dear! :)

And thanks for your kind words in your comment, you are so sweet! <3


Susanna-Cole said...

Me again dear! :)

Aw I'm so glad you watched "Into The Wild", I read the book and it was pretty good, but in a rare case, the movie version was much better in my opinion. I relate to Chris very much and was quite touched by the movie. I'm glad you liked it too, even the the ending was quite sad wasn't it? But powerful too. :)


Alice said...

precious !! as usual <3

Matilda Iréne Linnéa said...

I really love your blog... Inspiring!

Missa said...

What a fun idea for a tag! I always wonder who starts these tags and now for this one I know :)

Love all your letters! The sparseness of that kitchen is so lovely and that cat in the film is so my cat (well, up until the bat part anyway ;)

Hope all is well! xo

Anonymous said...

oh! what neautiful and cute post!
hope you're fine Mila.

Rosie Posie said...

brilliant post!! all those beautiful picures made me feel so many different things- and J has made me laugh out loud!!

I now feel incredibly hungry because of the piccys on F!!

Great blog :)


poeta fit, non nascitur said...

i have the same photo of the concrete tile. "love me till my heart stops." it's so romantic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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