The List

I found this little list at the lovely Young Shields, and i thought: what the ****?
I've always loved filling in lists, so why not just do that while nobody asked me for this information?

Of course, the best part of it, is that i am going to search for the most beautiful pictures with every item of the list! Ha!

Style icon:

I don't really have a style icon to be honest, but of course there are a few women whose style i really love...
For example the style of Alexa Chung.

(Pictures from TFS)


Pasta and other Italian food.
But i love sweet the most, like beautiful and delicious cupcakes.



I have to say Natalia Vodianova is still my favourite model, although there are lots of other beautiful models out there. Something about Natalia is just awesome!
Hm... but i also love Irina. She's just so interesting to look at! So i have to go with Irina...






Falling in love by Philosophy. The dreamiest perfume i've ever had.


Nighttrain to Lisbon and Everything is illuminated. Oh, and I dreamed of Africa.



At the moment, it's Into the wild. I just saw it and it left me speechless.

(pictures via Google)


Too many to name just one. I must say Marni at this moment.





Nouvelle Vague!


I must figure that out some time soon. I haven't seen enough of the world greatest cities to answer this one properly. I guess it must be either NY, or the city i live in now and was brought up for most of my life: The Hague in The Netherlands.

This is the city i live in...





Your style:

Feminine, masculine and quite varied. I am too lazy to make pictures of myself in my clothes, so no pictures of me here...

I also really like all things lacey and romantic...


I have to admit it's H&M where i buy most of my clothes. With a student budget it's the most accesable shop to buy your clothes, because it's always cheap and you can buy lots of things. I also love to search for great items in secondhand shops, but i rarely find anything really worth buying.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

To be honest, i have no idea.
On one hand i like the fact that i don't know what i'll be doing next year after i graduated, but on the other hand i hate it that i don't know what i really want to do.
The most important thing to me, is that i'll be more easy going and less restless in five years, and i am sure i'll be!

Perfect day:

A sunny day with the people i love so strongly around me.


Current job:

Student. I am in my graduation year, so it's busy enough.


Dream job:

I don't know yet. At the moment I am thinking about working as a journalist or something for a fashion- or interiormagazine. Unfortunately i know there are lots of people who want this kind of jobs, so there's no big chance this will happen.
However, dreaming is always okay...



KATLIN said...

This is a great list! Alexa Chung does have great style and such a great face! And I love Nouvelle Vague, fun, happy music! Never seen Into the Wild, but I'll have to check that out soon!

Stompface said...

You have the best taste in everything!
Love Alexa Chung, and Into the Wild is an amazing movie, it left me speechless as well.
I will have to try that perfume you love, I LOVE perfume and constantly want new ones.


ashley said...

that is such a fun list- i may have to play with it as well.
philosophy makes the best products, and i love your style description- beautiful, thoughtful post as always mila, you always inspire,
i hope you have a lovely week-end,
oh and you would be great in journalism- just look at how much lovin your blog gets!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

I love these kind of things and getting to know bloggers better, love your answers and pictures too!

michiko said...

The city you live in looks like a fantastic place, great mixture of modern and traditional.

Kelly said...

my favorite perfume as well - so yummy!


Susanna-Cole said...

I just adore how you did this list with pictures as well, I looked and read it twice because it was just so lovely!

I am so glad you could find "Into The Wild" from my blog and watch it, it's one of my all-time favorites as you know, but not many other people love it as much, so I am so glad to hear you do! :D

I just love all these pictures, they're beautiful, and I liked learning more about you too! :)


Simone said...

Love lists too... and your answers are great - quite inspiring, thanks for sharing your thoughts! If you like Nouvelle Vague: I really love to listen to the Japanese band Orange Pekoe (their style goes in the same direction as NV).

seralouise said...

wow beautiful post !

agnes said...

love love love this post. sooooo beautiful and also inspiring.

Seems like i shared some characteristics with you. Like i can't live without sweets.(cupcakes!! OHHHH) Marni,,, Irina.. they are all too good to be real.

btw, your city looks beautiful, wish i am there.

cleolikesyou said...

into the wild!!
dat is ook my favourite movie!
die film is echt geweldig adembenemend prachtig!
leuke post verder:)

Lisa said...


this was stunning.
i loved finding out these tid-bits about you.

simply divine.
you are so passionate & lovely that it's simply undescribeable.
you definitely have a gift girl.

go after your dream job... chase it, believe and you will get there. NO dream is too big. never. If it is your passion...than your life will never be what it should without it in your life...

i hope you have a stunning weekend girl.


ps- yes! I do have a BF :) He is actually from Cape Town which is how I ended up here. It is quite the long story...but we fell in love & I made the move after 2 years long distane, so in total we have been together almost 6 years! WE met while we were both working on a cruise ship (!!!) love boat ? he he. SO yeah, I still can't believe I live in Africa somedays... its beautiful & has such a beautiful soul but it can definitely be scary at times!

Romeika said...

I love pasta and sweets as well, and "Into the Wild" was a great film, very emotional and breathtaking, as nature is. Great list!

Ana Laura Perez said...

This is in fact a wonderful way of telling such preferences.
Always in love with your posts
Much love!

belle.chantelle said...

I believe in you. If you fight, and work hard for it, your dream job will come. Beautiful post as always.

SHILL said...

such a dreamy post :) have a sweet weekend. you're making me crave for cupcakes all weekend for sure!

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

:D as i scrolled down your post, i found myself saying "me too!" "same here!"

1. i love alexa chung too! she really has her OWN style and she rocks it! oh and thanks for the last pic of hers! i haven't seen that.

2. irina!! i agree that there's something about her face. it's very interesting to look at.

3. i'm reading everything is illuminated at the moment. i'll tell you what i think about it once i finish it. so far so great. :D

4. nouvelle vague is so pleasant to listen to. i love their version of melt with you.

MR style said...

fantastic as usually

STEFANIE said...

Wow great list! When I first saw 'Into the wild', it left me speachless as well! I thought I had just seen the most beautiful movie in the world. The story really touched me. And Alexa Chung is one of my style icons too ^-^

onomatopoeia said...

voortreffelijke lijst dirkje ;)

als het goed is ga ik vanavond ook into the wild aanschouwen ♥♥♥

Jimena said...

Dear Mila,
It was such a pleasure to read this list. I always find it interesting how close you can become to other bloggers, even if you only exchange a few words every week. Its just lovely to have the chance to enter and discover the wonderful world that other people see and appreciate.
Also - the photos you chose were, as always, a delight!
I loved Into the Wild, but have you read the book? Its amazing. You get really interesting insights...

Natalie said...

two things i really love from your list: Everything Is Illuminated (i read it in one day) and the floral Marni necklace!

Missa said...

Wonderful list as always... I'm now craving a cupcake, yum! I really really love both the pictures of the girls reading, so lovely. Also, the combination of the two style photos is perfect :)

Mila, I can totally see your dream job becoming a reality. You would be perfect in that sort of journalism. I think you would really bring something special to it and I wouldn't be surprised if the popularity and quality of your blog eventually helps you to get there.

Hope your weekend was lovely dear!

Modelizer said...

I love Alex Chung and her style, she's perhaps the only British import I approve of but hasn't made her way to the US yet.

[Tara] said...

Your city is so beautiful! I would love to visit some day.


darling i love all your answers! you are always so full of hope,such a dreamer! if only more of the world was like you my dear Mila. I love reading this.

p.s i think Irina is stunning too!

Apple said...

I am so glad that you love Nouvelle Vague!!! I have 2 CDs of them. I love love their songs!!

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