Finds that made my day

The label Jackson, Johnston & Roe, found via Montmartre.
I love the simplicity and sweetness of these designs.

Pictures from various seasons.

From Orangette.

This amazing dress by Etsy shop Makool.
I am not a chiffongirl at all, but i am willing to make an exception for this dress.
Found via Frolic.

This lovepoem, found at Nothing is new.
It's not the words i feel so attracted to, it's the perfect shape of the heart and the typewriter letters...

This awesome new blog i discovered, called Here's lookin at me kid.
Love the photographs on it.
Love the lay out a lot.
Love all of her posts.
Just love at first sight.

Here's a little book she made. Isn't it the sweetest?

She also has a lovely Etsy shop, which you should definitely visit.

This very good looking girl, who is the Society Girl of the week at The Vintagesociety.

Everybody knows by now Agathe (Stylebytes) is back. In a totally different form, but i guess even better than what she did before.

Her bedroom

Oh...i want to be crafty too and make such a book full of beauty and little surprises!


This beautiful photograph of lightness and girlyness....
From this great blog.

This photograph of a boy.


To finish this post, i wanted to share this beautiful image i found at A mind soaked in words (how recognasible...)

Yes, you will grow.
I will grow too.
We will all grow.


jesicola said...

I love your blog! glad to have found it :)

loveology said...

Thank you so much!
Such an honour...

Anonymous said...

Mila, Love your blog too! It's so beautiful and Dutch dreamy indeed! Thanks for the kind words, Kelly

HANNAH-ZOË said...

such beautiful photos! your blog is truly wonderful

leeselooks said...

i love your words on the heart.

it is perfect.

always an inspiration beautiful Mila.


Susanna-Cole King said...

Aw, Mila, sometimes I think your posts can not get any sweeter and more beautiful, but they also seem to!

I especially love that little book, excellent design and layout indeed! You should get crafty and make a book yourself, I bet it'd be beautiful! :)

And thanks, as always, for your comment. What can I say? You make my heart melt! :)


pumps & luiers said...

De boekjes zijn echt geweldig - echt dingen die je koestert - zou zoiets ook wel willen maken!

please sir said...

These are great finds - so dreamy and lovely!

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad i stumbled upon your blog recently...this post simply made my day :)

natalie said...

i just found your blog and every post is such a treat!

Couture Carrie said...

Love this post, esp. all the fab blouses!


Jillian Hobbs said...

i love that first dress OH MY LORD it is so pretty so delicate!

but that last photo... we will grow it gave me a reassuring, warm and fuzzy feeling <3

makes me love myself hearing someone say that! ur wonderful my dear!

The tea drinking English rose said...

wow what an absolutely wonderful post. with this song too, i feel so happy!!
thank you mila!
i love that brown jacket, and such pretty pink shirt.

lovely. like you.

Hila said...

Lovely post Mila - so many goodies!
Thanks for sharing :)

danica said...

Wonderful post, Mila! I now have a million things I want to check out online :)

makemoremistakes said...

I LOVE THIS!! all of it. Especially the love poem! hehe.
How are you dear? I hope well.

xo love love

Missa said...

My goodness! So many cool things to check out! I am quite taken with Jackson, Johnston & Roe, awesome awesome stuff!!!

Hope you are doing well :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so late..., I must read a lot of beautiful things here! Mila, in french you're "une chercheuse de trésors", I love it!

Marian said...

oh Mila such sweet things you stumbled on. I adore the sweet book made by the heres looking at you blogger.Also that chiffon dress is dreamy.Finally that poem with the heart has a certain warm sadness to it. love it
keep believing in the beautiful my dear! It is a gift to see beauty in unexpected places.
haved a lovely day my darling.

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Ooo love those neck wrap scarfs up the top but boohoo they dont sell anywhere in the UK. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. i loved reading your daydreamy day hehe if only we could live for a day how we dream it!x

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for sharing all of that, its amazing! gave me some lovely things to look at!

lisa lindøe said...

so many wonderful photos, so inspiring.
thank you mila!


the first three looks are my favorites,the first blouse is very sweet!!

Betsey said...

ahh amazing post. the pictures are so lovely, as usual. i LOVE every single one of your posts!


Wonderful post! You always find the coolest stuff!


Mandi Johnson said...

Oh oh ohhhh! I'm giddy with excitement at finding your blog too! :)

alis said...

This is a beautiful post, and not everyone knew Agathe was back! I had no idea! Did she ever say why she went missing in the first place?

Anonymous said...

thank you for the links. i love your blog and trust your judgement, haha.

Anonymous said...

oops, didn't mean to comment anonymously. sorry for that.

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discotheque confusion said...

i rather love the model's hair in the 1st and 3rd pics from the Jackson, Johnston & Roe photos.

Anonymous said...

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