6 Things i like and some thoughts...

I have been tagged by the brilliant Mandy from Soir de Fete.

This time it's the 'Name 6 unimportant things you like tag'.
That's how i like them!

The rules:
Mention the person who nominated you. List 6 unimportant things that make you happy. Tag 5 blogs. State the rules. Notify them with a teeny comment on their blog that they have been nominated.

1. Adding pictures on Facebook. (I just signed up...)
2. Listening to the rain when i lay in my bed (with crispy white sheets, of course...)
3. Visiting Etsy-shops (and ordering Etsy beauty!) A post full of Etsy beauty is on it's way!
4. Looking for blogs i don't know yet (It's amazing how i seem to come across amazing blogs almost every day)
5. Watching dreamy films on my laptop (I loved it when a week ago or so, a lot of great blogowners told about their favourite movies. Thanks for all the tips!)
6. Read magazines and cut the best photographs out of them and paste them in my 'inspirationbook'...

The blogs i tag are: left hand endeavor, the house of style, The Fish Tank, The stylish wanderer and small souvenirs.

^ This is something i really want to learn.
I think it is so important to enjoy and truly experience life and the things that happen in your life. When you think a lot (too much...) your life becomes overshadowed (is this a word in English?) by your thoughts.

As Eckhart Tolle says in his book The power of NOW:

There is no past, there is no future, there is only a neverending NOW.

The first time i read that sentence, i completely read over it and i wasn't standing still by the meaning of that sentence at all. Now, when i am reading this book for the second time (but with real attention) i came across this sentence and it was like my eyes stared at the words for minutes and it really touched me. Simply because it is just so true. To me, this is the truth, it's just a fact. When you really 'think' about this, you just know it's true and it's like it has to change something in your life, only if it's just a very little thing or only the beginning of some kind of 'transformation'.


It made me realise not only that life is short, but mostly that it is too beautiful to waste. I don't want to waste it on my thoughts anymore, on thoughts about what happened or what will maybe happen in the future.
That's what thoughts are...they are never about now, about what happens at the exact moment.

Are you someone who lives by the moment?
Can you really enjoy the things that happen in your life and accept the sad and bad things in your life?
Or are you struggling, fighting against the thoughts that sometimes make you crazy?


I want to see it as a choice, not something that just overcomes me.
I want to make the choice to live by the moment.

Like the picture i once posted:

I will grow.
We will all grow.

This helps me keeping faith.

And laughing.
Without laughing, what would life be?

This cat thinks he's The Thinker by Rodin.
Well, my cats are not. They certainly live by the moment...


Congrats if you made it this far (and read all of it, of course...) :)


Hila said...

Great post Mila, as always.
I tend to think to much, but I've learnt to accept it as part of my personality. And I read the entire post! :)

beverley said...

:) awesome!
you MUST read A New Earth by Tolle if you haven't yet. It is so interesting!

and yes, I think I can truthfully say I live in the present moment most often.

Love the blog!

Betsey said...

oh this is so so beautiful.
you write so well!
and i love love your 6 things list. watching dreamy movies on my laptop is one of my favorite things to do too!

SHILL said...

i love listening to the rain, its a very calming experience. and cutting magazine then having it in your inspiration book, aaw i love that too. this post is marvellous. as for thinking too much, i think we're on the same boat mila :)

Rina said...

great post! as usuall of course haha. I love that of Don´t think too much, I try, but I can´t. A great advice.

Rina said...

great post! as usuall of course haha. I love that of Don´t think too much, I try, but I can´t. A great advice.

Ms Unreliable said...

There is nothing nicer than laying in bed on crisp white sheets on a rainy day! It's even better if you can hear the rain tapping away on a tin roof. I love watching storms roll by too...all from the comfort of my bed of course!

Anonymous said...

The Power of Now is a truely amazing book! It has given me such a better perspective on life/stuff/ worries etc since I read it (and also A New Earth) and it's so cool to see had such a positive influence on someone else x

michiko said...

Nice relaxing post, as always Mila. I just sent add request to your facebook account :)

*jemima* said...

That cat does look like the Thinker! x

*jemima* said...

That cat does look like the Thinker! x

gracia said...

That cat really is embodying the pose of the Thinker isn't he? And, I also like to lie in bed and listen to the rain falling on the roof. Here it is springtime so there is often time to do so.

left hand endeavor said...

hehe the cat is too cute. this post was wonderful from beginning to end and i really am honoured that you would tag me! :) i'm going to answer my 6 favourite things right away on my blog! :D
thinking too much is probably every person's downfall most of the time! that's great advice and couldn't come at a better time in my life! thanks!!

thesearchforchic said...

Aww.. this post really moved me.. beautiful.. I agree wholeheartedly.. sometimes we think too much.. what happened to just 'live?' I need to do this.

Meg said...

Your posts are sort of calming and self-reflective which I always like. Kinda like a cup of tea.

Mirthe said...

Erg mooi citaat!

makemoremistakes said...

Love, you are so inspiring. I really appreciate this post-I needed a reminder today to go out and live with no reserve. I feel like I have done a good job of not thinking and just doing in the past (specifically when I just decided to live in NYC by myself for 5 months...) but right now I am at a little bit of a stand-still. So thank you for the beautiful reminder that life is short and that I should savor every gorgeous moment of it.

I hope you are wonderful, lovely. And thank you for the facebook add!

x's and o's a plenty

StickyKitten said...

Inspiring post, Mila. My mind races with thoughts all the time--it is so annoying! I do yoga at night before bed to chill out..yoga helps you stay in the moment, just listening to your breath the way you would listen to raindrops hitting the window...keeps you in the moment as much as possible. But without thoughts we probably couldn't daydream..and who wants that? =)

ashley said...


another gorgeous post. i think and worry way too much, but as hila said it is a part of me that i know and understand now. but there is such a beauty to the idea of truly living in the moment- the 'never ending now'...
i also love the thinking cat image- how brilliant, can't wait for the etsy post...x ashley

alis said...

I agree, it is a great post...
I used to be a very relaxed person, I never stressed or worried, and drived everyone crazy, but things always turned out the way I wanted. I enjoyed my every moment! But ever since I graduated from college a "future anxiety" has taken over me, I can't recognize myself anymore and I am in a constant mode of panicking, waiting for a future moment where everything will turn upside down and I'll be happy, enduring my present until then.. The positive part is I actually have set a date to make a big change. I want my carefee days back!

Camilla said...

Hello you,
Thank you so much for the comment :)
I know exactly what you meen about thinking too much. I do it too, and it often seems to take up a lot of my time...
I really like your blog!


Missa said...

You are such an amazing girl Mila. This post is filled with wisdom and thankyou so much for this wonderful reminder :)

Also, I agree, laughter is ESSENTIAL. <3

Len said...

Recently I found your blog and just love it! Always inspirational. Just got an invitation of a sample sale which you might like with brands like Isabel Marant, Dutchess. Everybody is invited so if you can find time this(1-2/11) weekend; Chisebrechtbokellaan 30, Rotterdam!

Kind Regards Len


darling im such a big thinker and sometimes think too much. this beautiful post has inspired to live in the moment more! thank you for the inspiration and tag!

Len said...

Hi Mila,
Grappig dat ik precies hetzelfde plaatje 'Don't think, just act'heb bewaard om precies dezelfde rede! Meestal is het gebrek aan tijd dat je over dingen blijft denken ipv dat je ze doet! Maar gelukkig wordt de tijd gevuld met heel veel leuke dingen! Groetjes Lenneke