....you need to cheer yourself up.
Just to take life a little more easy than it really is.
Or to make yourself stop crying....
or just because you need it.

I was wondering, what do you do to cheer yourself up?
What do you do when things seem dark, cold and oh so lonely (when they maybe even aren't)?
Or do you never really have that feeling that life's a mess and you just don't know what to do with it?

Last weekend the weather was amazing and i was so happy i could eat my breakfast in the garden. It was such a great moment. The little things make most happy, don't you think?

(I look at beautiful things to cheer myself up....you must think: she needs a lot of cheering up then, when she posts so much things she finds beautiful...)
Well, let's say, this is not the easiest part of my life (I hope), but i always hope this is the part of my life that really creates me and makes me a more conscious and beautiful person.
And i also strongly believe everything happens for a reason (how cliche this might sound). That thought really can cheer me up when things seem meaningless....

Those pictures above are probably the most gorgeous ones i've ever seen, i am in love with the colours.....there are no words for this.
His Flickr is amazing, you should take a look.

So what i did today, immediately when i came back from university (the first day of my last year today, after the holidays!), is searching the internet for beauty/beautiful things. It sounds stupid, but i am really so grateful to all those people in the world who put such amazing things on the internet.
Where would i be without it? Hmm...just where i am right now maybe?
These pictures are for all of you who read my blog (thank you sooo much!) and for one other blogger in particular, who i know has a hard time...i wonder if she knows i am talking about her... :)
Hopefully it will cheer you up, when you need it!

So, first some amazing photographs that made my day....
Flickr is really such a great place, since i discovered it, i can't be away from that site for too long, i honestly miss it...






I really love driving in a car (okay, not driving myself...i don't have my license yet) and look at all the things that pass. I love it the most when you're driving very fast on the highway and everything passes by so soon...nice music on.....
The best is when the sky is really beautiful in the evening...with glimpses of pink and purple...


Some pictures i made myself...

This Balenciaga S/S 08 collection was pure art.
It made me so happy when i first saw it. It's definitely my favourite collection by Balenciaga i've seen so far.

I really want a SX-70 polaroid camera. I am very curious about the difference between a picture made with a 600 camera and one made with a SX-70.
The only thing is, i am afraid i can't buy SX-70 film anywhere, so i have to modify the camera so it will take 600 film. But how? I've read some things on the internet, but i am really scared i'll mess it up. Anyone who did this and want to tell me something about it? Was it an easy thing to do?

(Honestly, i hate how chaotic this post is, but i seem to be unable at this moment to make it any better. Sorry for that, i do hope you like it after all...)


Shalane said...

Het leven gaat inderdaad om de kleine geluksmomentjes, die kleine dingen die het leven net even iets leuker maken. Ik haal mijn geluk niet uit dure cadeau's of wat dan ook, maar inderdaad ook uit een dagje mooi weer, een goed boek of een wandeling op het strand. (en heel soms shoppen, kleine verslaving waarvan ik aan het afkicken ben ;) ) Je foto's zijn trouwens weer prachtig

Kitty M said...

Mila you are my 'Blogspiration' and one of the very first links I set up! Thank you for your lovely posts you give me a spot of daily inspiration either to photograph or to shop! I've had my very first comments today so wanted to comment back to all my faves too! Kitty :-)

siagrafica said...

mooie post! ik heb zelf een SX-70, ben er erg blij mee, maar polaroidfilm is inderdaad prijzig - rond de 36 euro voor 20 opnames (SX-70 blend)!

Ook ik heb op internet gekeken hoe ik de SX-70 kan tweaken zodat er 600 film in kan, maar ben ook een beetje bang...

Anonymous said...

Lovely girl,
What amazes me is that (I didn't know) we both love driving in a car when the sun is leaving the day. That magical moment, that very special atmosphere, it gives me such deep feelings of days gone by, happy with that special moment. For me, the utmost is driving in a car when the sun leaves the day and I hear some beautiful music. It touches my deepest soul. Really great to know that we share those feelings. I love you even more for that. Eefje


Sweet heart what a sweet but sad post. I hope the images you found cheered you up dear. All things do happen for a reason,sometimes its just hard to know what that reason is there and then.Well I hope you are cheered up by the knowledge that your sweet blogs always put a smile on my face.
kisses Mila!

Alice said...

Hi Milla <3

what a beautiful post once again.
was it me who needed to cheer up ?
it did cheer me up anyway, simply because it's beautiful and positive.

those pictures are so delicate, beautiful and inspiring.

to cheerup i do the exact same thing as you do, and when i am fully "fed" with beauty, i can't help to create, it can be writing, taking pictures, drawing... anything to release my anger or sadness... i usually feel much better after i did a simple drawing, cause it changes sadness into art, and it becomes "useful" to feel that way :)

about the difference between the Polaroid 600 and the SX-70 is that you can get way closer with the SX70, like portraits, and close up of little things, (you can't with a 600, you have to be at least one meter away from your subeject, otherwise it's all blury) with a SX70 you can set the zoom, and the light, so you can take nice picture inside :) and it is SO easy to use 600 films in SX-70 camera, you don't have to modify the camera, you just cut some little plastic parts on the film and there you go ! i took a picture to show you, like this :


i hope it's clear, you have to cut those 4 little plastic bumps so the film can fit in the camera, it works perfect for me :)

i hope you can find a nice one, and take great pictures :)

thank for this post

natalia said...

What cheers me up - other people being happy, really inspirational movies that make me cry because the people in the movies are so happy, or they get justice, like 'the motorcycle diaries' is a good example.

Anonymous said...

thank sweetie,
you have a beautiful blog. you have really grown into it, right.
Go get that polaroid if you can.
You can put a lot of feeling into it, and if you grow into it as much as your blog you will be wonderfull at it.

arline said...

you are so loved.

I feel what you are saying. I too look at beautiful things, I do yoga, I make art, I work on my house, I try to connect with others. Sometimes I need to cry cry cry.

I learn each and everyday, how to be more loving to myself and others.

I think of all that I have to be grateful for, and there is a lot.

I love looking at blogs like this that speak from the heart, that way I feel safe to share mine.

: )

Ella said...

I love being driven around looking at the world and listening to music. The best first date I ever had involved driving all over the city for hours and hours... I'm also so grateful for people who post beautiful things online. Including you.


Susanna-Cole said...

Wow, so many beautiful pictures you collected! Thanks for sharing them! :)

morphidee said...

Oh, dear, I tagged you.

morphidee said...

Oh, dear, I tagged you.

Luce said...

I love how you always manage to say something truthful and beautiful in every post.

To cheer myself up i try to get lost in a movie or a book or a photo and just forget life.

and the sky at dusk is one of my favourite things in the world, especially when i'm driving and alone.

xx luce

Bronwyn said...

Hi Mila, another stunning post, and I know what you mean about feeling down, when I feel down I just try to carry on going, also to really try and explore my feelings to know what's upsetting me. For me the best cure is to be creative, to do some journal pages, or take a few photo's, or play around in photoshop.....then I can forget my problems while I'm totally immersed in what I'm doing.
I hope you will feel better soon, and that any sadness you feel will quickly pass over.

Skye said...

A lovely thoughtful post which is a sad and sweet, but not too chaotic at all!

To cheer myself up I like to be by the ocean, to feel salt on my skin reminds me how good it is to be alive.

Allure said...

Life is never kind...but listening to Downtown cheer me up. A good dose of Loveology also helps ;)

morphidee said...

haha, oh god, i know i didnt tag you,
im so confused, i intended to send this to another girl.

Missa said...


When I was in my twenties, especially my early twenties, it was quite common for me to feel as you’ve described. One of the things which helped me a lot was reading. Reading books that would help me to sort out what life was all about. One in particular that really helped me to put things in perspective was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, wonderful story. If you’ve never read it, I highly recommend it :)

Even though I don’t know your circumstances, I think that it’s really common, at least for girls anyway, to feel the way you do at this stage in your life. It’s a sort of growing pain just like you described. The good news is that I very rarely have these sorts of feelings anymore. Almost never actually, and I think eventually you’ll get there too, so just remember that :)

Thanks so much for another beautiful assortment of images, they always brighten my day! :)

<3 Missa

Chic Looks said...

These are beautiful pictures, however I dont know much about polaroid camera's


I love your pictures:) Especially your header picture!


the tea drinking english rose said...

aww... so upsetting.
i can almost admit to feeling rather similar at this point of my life... although it's too complicated to say.
i can see why such beautiful photos make you smile! they made me smile too.

i think a good cry sometimes helps, but then watching a nice happy movie snuggled up helps too.
and most of all, a hug.
that could help when you think it might not.

i love your blog, it's so sweet, and this post is quite something. so don't be sad right now, go look up beautiful things until you smile when it aches your cheeks! that makes me realise that i'm smiling and i mean it, which makes me smile more. :)

daydream lily said...

loving these flickr finds !!! keep them coming.

Agnes said...

When I need to lift my spirit, I make a conscious effort to go out of my way to help someone.

Kate said...

that was such a lovely post and just what I needed...it's exactly why I love blogging because when you need a little pick me up there is inspiration and a community of people to help out :) thanks so much for sharing!

Lisa F said...

pictures are amazing!

cleolikesyou said...

ik begin je blog steeds beter te vinden:)geweldige polaroids en een mooie en eerlijk verhaal.
je hebt een goede (of eigenlijk gewoon ongeveer dezelfde) smaak in fotografie. Ik hoop dat je snel door deze mindere periode komt, en blijf vooral mooie dingen zoeken en maken, dat zal je er wel doorheen slepen (je bent niet de enige hoor, ik doe hetzelfde).
en als je nog wat mooie muziek nodig hebt, luister naar Laura Marling! een van mijn nieuwe muziekvondsten en wss wel iets voor jou. dag lieve meid!

sueper said...

de polaroid met de baby is zo cute!!
Weer geweldige vondsten!


K. Sundari said...

Somebody above me already explained very well about how to fix the film into the sx-70 camera so i wont do it. But keep up the prettiness. your blog is fantastic and i hope you feel better by making all of us feel better.

J'Adore Fashion said...

lovely post, great pictures.
what cheers me up is seeing people and those i love happy and indulging in things of fashion.
cheer up dear. keep the wonderful flicks coming :)

bestdaysofmylife said...

he girl! i love your blog, just like you need inspiration from others to make your life a bit better, thats how you are to others.
im sorry your life isnt too happy right now, things will get better though! my parents seperated last january and i feel like im in the same place as you are right now. but i know for sure, life will be better. just hold on to the beautiful and loving things in life ( cliche...) than things will get better!
your amazing!

Outi said...

How crap that you should be feeling low. Hugs to you dear blogger!

But I think you say some very important, wise things in this post. You seem to be so aware of what is happening, of how it might not be all too easy just now, but that you believe it will create you in a way and make you even more aware of yourself and make you more beautiful. All of those things are so wonderful, I love the fact that you seem to have this inner strength and faith in life and to the meaning of it all even when you are in the eye of something that makes you sad.

I wish I had understood earlier the bad, sad things in life create a person; that they show them as who they are and change them (even though that is hard!). Well, I guess it is at least something to understand it after something has happened. But, the worrying thing always was (and perhaps still is to some degree) that I seemed to lose my faith in things going the way they should; you then lose a sense of meaning and that is when I really feel bad.

So, I am happy that you are as wise as this. :)

Probably, it is inevitable that we have to figure certain things the hard way.

And when I am feeling bad I like to do something nice too... I think my main way is to dress up when I feel like crap. I also like the driving in car, in my case it means driving by myself listening to music singing along with my terrifying voice... :)


Hila said...

Mila, first of all, I hope you're feeling better :)
Secondly, your posts always make me feel better and cheer me up - you're right, beauty is uplifting.
Thirdly, your polaroids are just lovely.
And lastly, I have a vintage SX-70 camera and it works with 600 film just fine. All I need to do is cut off the little plastic nubs on the 600 film to make sure it fits into my camera. Other than that, I don't have to do anything. I have been told that filters help with overexposure, but my camera seems to work fine without them. I hope this helps!

onomatopoeia said...

Ah hoe herkenbaar. Ik heb echt een paar gruwelijke dagen achter de rug maar nu gaat het gelukkig beter. Het helpt mij idd ook om op zoek te gaan naar de mooie dingen in het leven, hoe cliché dat ook klinkt. En knuffelen met Max doet ook wonderen ;)

Anonymous said...


ik kom zo af en toe wel eens op je blog en nu zag ik je vraag over de polaroid camera.
ik heb het wel eens geprobeerd om een 600 film in een sx-70 camera te stoppen en dat lukte ook (je moet gewoon een speelkaart/kartonnetje tussen de cassette en het apparaat instoppen op de plek waar er bobbeltjes uitsteken).
ik had alleen wel veel problemen met overbelichting (waarschijnlijk omdat het toch niet helemaal klopt ofzo) en zelfs als hij helemaal op dark stond kreeg ik nog vaak alleen een lichtvlek. ik ben daardoor ook maar een andere camera gaan gebruiken.

ik hoop dat je er wat aan hebt.

bye x