Nouvelle Vague, bands, art and Susies

Tonight i am going to see Nouvelle Vague!
I am so excited this band is going to perform at Today's Art, a modern art festival in The Hague, the city i live in!
This French band is just amazing, i guess you all know it, but i wanted to share this song with you...

I think this whole festival will be very interesting and funny.
For instance, there will also be a Moustache Bar where you can pick up your very own moustache to wear during the festival. I am not sure whether i'll go with this 'new trend', but if i do, expect a picture of a moustache me here tomorrow...

Will i look like this? Hmm...pretty nice, isn't it?

(Unfortunately Paint didn't want to remove this rare form of acne, so i think i just have to work it. Haha.)

Some later in the evening/night there will be great DJ's and artists in het Paard (Horse!), the best club in The Hague, in my opinion.
Andy Stott will perform there, as well as Frivolous.
Oh yes, i can surely appreciate some minimal techno. But it has to be dark outside.

Retouramont is also performing, and i just have to see this....also because i am planning to take some great pictures of shows like these.

Another thing, totally off topic, but important.
What should i wear to something like this? Maybe this sounds stupid, but i feel like i need to dress in some kind of 'special way' for a night like this.

First of all, i have to make a decision between trousers or a dress.
I think i'll go for the trousers...but should i choose wide boyfriend jeans, a skinny jeans or a little bit too short, wide men's pantalon?
Then, what kind of shirt? Long sleevs, short or no sleeves, flowered shawl or no shawl at all?
Oh and the shoes of course, definitely no heels (i have to walk, stand still and dance all night!) but maybe my men's grey brogues or some simple trainers.

In such a crisis, we always got good old Susie Bubble, who is to me the queen of mixing, matching and layering.
Let's have a look at some of her amazing creations, that will definitely give you some attention, but certainly in a good way!

This is my favourite picture of Susie. She looks amazing; excentric, but not too much... <3

I hope i'll be back tomorrow with a great post, with lots of pictures from Today's Art and other nice things.

Have a lovely weekend, sweethearts!


Belowen said...

A moustache bar? That sounds like so much fun! lol. I hope you enjoyed yourself!

Anonymous said...

Have fun tonight!

Lisa said...

i love music festivals + susie bubble.

have a lovely evening girl.

you're such a gem.

Mila said...

Thank you so much, sweet ladies!

bronwyn said...

OMG!!! You are geting to see Nouvelle Vague, they are one of my favourite bands and I absolutely adore that video - I want to learn that dance, I believe it's called the madison. Enjoy the performance, and think of me when you're there.

Missa said...

Oh I'm so jealous, the festival sounds like an AMAZING good time!

I loved the dancing video and so did Clover, she started smiling and dancing on my lap when I played it :D

As for what to wear, I vote:
no sleeves/wide men's pantalon/flowered shawl/men's grey brogues :)

Have a wonderful time sweetie, can't wait to hear about it!

<3 missa

claire said...

Wow! Nouvelle vague actually came to my town about a yeasr ago, but I didn't go cos I had noone to go with :(

Btw, you're so pretty i think!

y-s x

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Hey great blog, I just stumbled across you from a link at Field guided and the first post I see is about one of my favourite bands so your blog immediately won me over and I will be back to read more, enjoy the gig!

Skye said...

You look very cute moustachioed!

I hope you had a very fun night (and decided to wear something fabulous)!

KATLIN said...

Because of your recommendations, I just downloaded five of their songs! I love them!!! Thanks for posting about them!

Hila said...

oh lucky you! I'm very jealous :)
I'm sure whatever you wear will be great.

danica said...

Hve fun, Mila! Sounds like it will be an amazing time :)

the tea drinking english rose said...

i hope you have an amazing time!

and you look completely gorgeous with a pirate moustache!! i hope you took pictures with your real fake moustache.

great images, as usual!

luyi said...

you are so pretty, mila!

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