New Polaroid SX-70 camera!

I was so happy when the mailman brought my new camera today....
To put the 600 film i have in the SX-70 camera, i only cut the little plastic pieces off and the film fitted immediately.
Unfortunatly, when i made the first picture, there was way too much light in it.
I don't know what to do now, to make this better.

Some examples of polaroids SX-70 i hope i can some day achieve!







Does anyone have any tips or tricks for me, how i can reduce the light in the pictures or other things i could do to make beautiful pictures with this camera and 600 film?
I'd really appreciate!


sueper said...

Jippie: de camera is er!!! ik verwacht nu wel geweldige foto's van jou ;)

the tea drinking english rose said...

i really want a polaroid camera, did you pay lots for it on ebay?

aww, i'm sure when you find an amazing blog next, you will save the award and pass it on! surely it doesn't mean straight away? right?

SICK. said...

i love polaroids :]
i got a camera at a local thrift shop last year, and it only cost me two dollars !
except film is ridiculously expensive (especially in canada), something along the lines of a dollar a picture.
and now that they've been discontinued, i can't help but be sad - polaroids are an art form in themselves !


The Daily Masquerade said...

I am just in love with all the beautiful pictures on your site! Have no tips on the polaroid-pictures question, maybe you just need some practise?

Lisa said...

so jealous of this camera.
your pictures are going to be INSANELY beautiful...


Isabelle said...

lucky you!
hope you figure it all out.
i love your blog <3

A said...

I love polaroids too. Sadly since the film has gotten too expensive, I haven't used mine in quite some time.

Did you take this when you were in the light or in the shade? Sometimes mine would come out too bright if I tried taking a picture of a sunny spot IN a sunny spot. Am I making sense? I mean for example take a parasol or an umbrella with you to create shade. I don't know if it'll work for you but it helped me in the past.

Eelie said...

Oh Mila!

Thankyou for your sweet comment. It makes me all giddy inside when people can appreciate these posts :)

I have no suggestions for your problem unfortunately but i will say that your camera is just so retro! lol Its probably just as fabulous as it is aesthetically pleasing too of course! hehe

I'll be on the look-out for your posts. I do hope you manage the 'washed-photo' look in your piccies.

A hug from New Zealand :)

Hila said...

Hi Mila,
you can try two things:

1. try playing around with the little black knob at the front of the camera to reduce the light.

2. You can try using a filter with the film - I think filters should be available on ebay.

I hope this helps and have fun with your new camera!

Belowen said...

I'm sorry, I don't know any tips to help you out :( But good luck!

*indie_queen* said...

Where did you get the camera from? I've been wanting one for a while

mette/ungt blod said...

i have got a camera like that but i have never had any film for it. i really want to though but i can't even begin to think where i should get it and what i would cost

Outi said...

Congratulations on your new camera! :)

PS. I absolutely adore the polaroid of the flowers.

Bibi said...

For any SX-70 models using 600 films, you will need the ND filter.

here or here

Hope that helps =)

Natalie said...

i'm in love with the brooklyn bridge polaroid!

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh lovely Mila, I am so happy you got your Polaroid camera! :) Sorry I don't have any tips or tricks for you. :(


Anonymous said...

Im looking at these cameras on E-bay !
is it worth getting one, do u need to know loads about polaroids?

I love your blog and the polaroid pics are gorgeous

Lana said...

Die tweede polaroid is echt super mooi!

Anonymous said...

again beautiful things to share, sorry Mila I can't help you for the light, I hope to became owner polaroid camera which work it!!mine is broken...

jo said...

what a pretty, pretty camara!!!

Meg Berry said...

I know that there are filters sold on ebay really cheap to fix the light problem. http://tinyurl.com/mqmbgu
Or you can modify your camera: http://tinyurl.com/nt542x
Good Luck

Kiden said...

Where did you buy this camera?

Les Rosiers said...