The loveliest tag and some fall cravings...

I feel truly honoured Alis from A mad tea party with Alis gave me this lovely award!
Thank you so much, i really love your blog too!

The rules:
1. Choose 7 of your favorite blogs to nominate and link back to them.
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.
3. Leave a message on the blogs that you've nominated.
4. Post the award on your blog (optional)

The 7 blogs i nominate, because i simply love them, are:
10.17, Daydream Lily, Girl meets NYC, My favourite colour is shiny, Some required, The snail and the cyclops and Wild Keiki.

Now, over to some fall cravings.....

I have been searching for some perfect, loose, perfectly shaped black pants for quite some time now. Something like this, but for a reasonable price please...

(via this blog)

Bigger than big cardigans, like the girl on the right wears.....to layer to no end.

This amazing necklace by Ashley Rose Helvey. It's strange, but overwhelmingly beautiful...

I think i'll cut my fringe short and strong like this again.
(Only my hair isn't that flat, it's much more curly...)

Great, fitted blazers like this one...

Wearing outfits like these, but combine them with thick tights and bigger than big scarves. I love summeroutfits in winter...

Highwaisted, wider pants like these...

Creating a wall like this in my home!

BIG socks.

For when i've heated my house a little too much ;)

Gorgeous 'doily drapes' from here.

This Topshop coat, because it looks so old fashioned and cosy. It's from Ebay.

Last, some outfits i found on Chictopia and find very inspiring...


Susanna-Cole King said...

Awww...once again I will say I am soo honored that you choose me as one for your favorite blogs! And as I said before, your blog is one of my favorites too! :)

And all your fall cravings are just so beautiful and amazing! You have such fabulous taste! :)

Thanks again for the award, will have to tell everyone about this honor from you in my next blog entry! :D

Have a lovely night darling!


erica lorraine scheidt said...

Delicious post.

Helen said...

I love the red cape! Little Red Riding Hood? Also I agree about big socks, they are a must for the winter.
p.s. thanks for the comment on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Definitely inspiring pieces! I just got a bigger than big mens cardigan...really thick and oversized as opposed to the thin and long which i could never get into. yays!

loveology said...

Wow Kara, that sounds really great!
I am going to visit your blog right now! ;)

Anonymous said...

great great great....
i'm very busy, I can't reed you, i can't see your beautiful post, grrr!
i would like to enter in your snug land but i' m looking for a training period and i don't found it...

Susanna-Cole King said...

Aw, well, I'm going to say, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you anyway! :D


leeselooks said...

what a wonderful post love.

too bad we are headed into summer here... i want to be craving fall like the rest.

loveology said...

Are you serious, Lisa?
I can't believe you... ;)
i wish it could be summer over and over again!

Daydream Lily said...

oh thank you so much Mila, coming from you that is an honour. Your blog is a favourite of mine. I check it everyday.

loves and hugs


Skye said...

That TopShop coat is so lovely - are you going to get it? I hope so!

Those socks look wonderful too - I wanted some like that all winter but never got around to it.

Sarah said...

Oh mila, I should take your blog out of my favourites. My bankrupcy is your fault, dear.

Anonymous said...

love the socks =)

ashley said...

beautiful choices for a fall desire list. i think i've seen that red cape on etsy and fell in love with it right away. your nephew is soo cute-lucky you!

Missa said...

I'm LOVING the doily drapes, so beautiful! I wonder how difficult it would be to make some. Probably just time cosuming. I'll add that to my long list of crafts that I will never get around to, haha.

Thanks for all the wonderful outfit inspiration too! <3

Betsey said...

ah i love everything on your list.
so so so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Mila, thank you so so much for your sweetness!!! am I allowed to nominate you for a favorite blogger award? yours is definitely one of the very very best!!

luyi said...

You are the sweetest and the best one ever! Thank you!! ^^

alis said...

Yay, the 7 blogs you nominated are blogs I didn' know about, knowing your taste I know I will spend a very fun few hours exploring them.
I love your fall items! I don't think there is any daydreamer out there who won't have a crush on that red hood :)

Unknown said...

Once again you have nailed it with your images. Beautiful doiles, and great fall ideas, I agree that summer wear can make great winter wear with added stockings and a scarf.

Mettch said...

i love your blog, too!
beautiful post as well. i'm absolutely in love with the topshop coat. it's perfect!

Mettch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mettch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James said...

Such fabulously good taste my dear!
Fitted blazers, my favorite!


Unknown said...

Im sorry for not leaving comments here, and you levae the most wonderful ones in my blog, but i do visit it! im a confessed admirer and af of this wonderful space.
I love this post and all the wonderful finds you always post, such a wonderful inspiration and i always end up saving so many images and clicking on so many links over and over.
I promess to say these things more often!
Much love!

bluebird said...

do you happen to know where those socks from? are they handmade!? do you have the pattern by any chance?

Jo said...

uff, so much gorgeousness!!! i loved the socks and the photo itself. and the doilies and the wall!!!

loveology said...

Thanks, lovers! <3

Bluebird: i'm sorry, but i don't know where those socks are from.
Maybe you can knit them yourelf? ;)


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