I already was a fan of Noa Noa, but now that i've seen their children's clothes, i am an even bigger fan. I wish they would produce these items in some larger sizes. <3

A few days ago i found the website of Tinyvices.com, where loads of photographers share their portfolio's. I looked through the one of Robin Schwartz and saw these amazing photographs of a girl named Amelia. I don't know why, but i find these photographs so intruguing. She definitely loves animals. And so do i.

These gorgeous photographs are from the same photographer. Taken in Mexico.

Love these polaroids, taken by Dash Snow. (Be aware, the rest of his portfolio is kind of strange and dirty..)


bear said...

these pictures are unbelievable. the top one with the elephants is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

quite a contrast hahahha.

Mrs.French said...

I love the clothes...but I love the photos even more...thanks for the introductions.

kathryn said...

I love your blog. I just started a photography blog to share the images I take with my cameras (a holga, diana and a polaroid 600). Would you be interested in trading links? I, too, love all things beautiful.

Jane said...

gorgeous! xX

Thumbelina said...

I know, it's so funny like you said--I am drawn to basically everything that you post <3 And isn't it a shame children's clothes aren't made in adult sizes? I guess that would defeat the purpose of them being 'for' children, but I am always so drawn to more of a childish style, so I always have to find alternatives. Those photos are all so lovely as well. What a charming little girl, the last two especially the one with the horse and the dolphin--I love them so much!

Oh and your question about my camera, it's a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18. It works pretty well, but I am ready to get a Nikon or Canon. And I really need to start using my Holga!! I just don't think that anyone develops that film in my town, so I am a bit apprehensive to try it out.

Ciao dear <3 Have a wonderful weekend!

bestdaysofmylife said...

he there! gosshhh when you said beware of her other photos i figured i could take it! i didnt expect throwing up, using needles to do drugs and naked people... gross! haha!
anyway, i love your new camera, i wish i could help you but im still learning how to work my normaal 600 film cam! i think im more into normal analog pictures anyways! anywhoo lovely posts once again! have a wonderful weekend! you're amazing! xoxo suzanne

sophiejade said...

That polaroid camera is great, i have seen them in thrift stores but been hesitant to buy in case they dont work, such a great find!