Polaroiding & other things

This morning i decided to make some polaroids again, while the sun was shining outside.
The one above is my favourite of the polaroids i've made so far.
Of course, i know i need to learn a lot more about making good polaroids.
Especially the working of the lightfall is something i want to 'specialise' at, because i think that's the secret of the perfect polaroid.

I love to see how the polaroid develops, when i made it.
I can take my eyes of it in the few minutes it fully develops and i must admit that i sometimes like the polaroid more when at a certain stage in the development than when it's fully ready and as it should be.
The vague colours are just more beautiful to me.

This was how the polaroid looked when it was developing.

Other polaroids i made today, while they were in the making and ready.

Tomorrow i'll be buying two new polaroid films, so i can make 20 new polaroids!
It's such a pity the films are so expensive. it makes me really careful not to waste one photo, because the price is actually 2 euro's a polaroid!
The prices on Ebay are also very high, but i keep watching the auctions...you never know.

A few of you asked me to show some more pictures of my 'book', where i paste all of my most inspiring pictures in, that i cut out of magazines.
Here are some more, i hope you enjoy!

I really like these outfits, from Facehunter.

I guess you all know Postsecret.
Sometimes the cards people are sending are so touching....

Last today (it's hard, i want to share so much with you..) this gorgeous picture i found via {this is glamorous}.


ant0n said...

for buy polaroid film check this http://www.unsaleable.com/instant_photography/view-category?p=3

Mila said...

Thanks, Anton.
I already knew that website.
The film is cheaper, but with shippingcosts it comes at the same price and the 600 film they have is already expired.

Skye said...

I love the first polaroid of the flowers - it's so beautiful, the way you made the still-life is really lovely.

Heart in a cage said...

Mooi! Je polaroids zijn zo gaaf!<3

Ik vind vooral de eerste twee Facehunter foto's super!:)

Die kaarten zijn 'touching'...;)

Die laatste foto is zo leuk<3!

Anonymous said...

the first polaroid is beautiful, i like the paste colours, i like flower, i like the pictures that you share, beautiful landscape, beautiful girls, interiors.... oh you're so sweet!!and my next post is arrived!good night Mila!

makemoremistakes said...

amazing amazing post. I love it, I love the polaroids especially. do you use 600 film? if you do, where do you buy it? because my local drugstore does not carry it anymore and i am really sad...i love taking polaroids so much and i have a camera that uses 600 film.

I hope you are well my dear.


Hila said...

I'm feeling much love for this post :)
Your polaroids are fantastic Mila, it's so much fun experimenting isn't it?

HANNAH-ZOË said...

those cards are so sweet and a little sad as well.

luyi said...

i've been running out of films for quite a time, and always lazy to buy some more.

i love all you posts!

luyi said...

i've been running out of films for quite a time, and always lazy to buy some more.

i love all you posts!

Kat said...

your blog is great, very inspiring!

LOENTJE! said...

Weer zo'n leuke veelzijdige post! Je polaroids zijn echt schitterend.
En ik moet ook maar weer eens gaan knippen en plakken, heel lang niet gedaan!

Btw, thanks voor je sweet comment!

Alice said...

i just love your taste !!

makemoremistakes said...

thanks darling! I will begin to keep track of ebay...i do wish the film was much less expensive. ick. and I have decided that when i move to edinburgh in the spring my first trip should be to the netherlands, because it is full of such pretty people, with pretty ideas, and pretty things. I hope you are well and having a wonderful day!

Outi said...

The polaroids you've made look very beautiful. You are so lucky to have that camera!

I think I agree with you on vague colors being more attractive. There's something in them even though they may seem obscure at first; even though you cannot capture all the details sharply, you get something else, perhaps a certain mood, or a new look on things, by having the right light and different shades of colors. That's maybe why I started liking polaroid photos in the first place.

I also liked that girl in the huge shirt and the long fringe, by the way, when I saw it on the Facehunter a few weeks ago. :)

I heart milk said...

polaroids are the best. Yours are really good.

Anonymous said...

I love that first look fromfacehunter

Missa said...

Polaroid making looks like so much fun and I love seeing your inspiration book pages, they're wonderful!

Betsey said...

oh, this is such a great post! i love everything- your polaroids are beautiful & i loveee those pictures you posted from facehunter

{this is glamorous} said...

Oh, your picture book is stunning! Love the way you've arranged everything -- see Vanessa Bruno's home in there :)