Is it an alien?

Today i was finally in the right mood to be creative.
I decided to make a cuddly toy, which i wanted to do for quite some time.
A very good friend of mine helped me with the 'basics', since she already made some toys for her two-year old son.
Here's the point, i don't know what to do with it's face! You have to help me out or at least give me some advice...

I was planning to give him a head, that i already made.
Problem: this toy is supposed to look CUTE and cuddly, not like an alien!
When he's got his head 'on', everything is out of proportion immediately.
I think i leave him headless.
Don't laugh at him!

But should i also leave him blind?
I have a problem with the eyes also. Small eyes? Big eyes? Two of the same eyes? Two different eyes?
Oh, and do you think he needs a nose and a mouth?
Yes, this is a very serious problem. ;)

You understand i don't want to ruin my first cuddly toy ever, that's why i need your help!

(Another post is coming soon, but don't forget about this one, it's impostant!)


FELICITY [!] said...

awh, that toy is just too cute!
congrats on making it :)

i like it with the two white eyes
& i think a tiny nose and a small line mouth would look good.

good luck!

Lana said...

Hij doet me denken aan dat leuke popje uit de Sultana hartig reclame. Echt leuk gemaakt ook, plus mooie stof!

Ik vind hem zo al leuk met alleen maar ogen :P.

Skye said...

Little eyes made from one cross stitch done in wool yarn (one cross stitch for each eye) would be just enough I think!

Cassaundra said...

very cute (despite the no facial features part!)

i would suggest perhaps getting different colored buttons ... pink or something.

... or even skye's suggestion would be nice! doing stitches with wool yarn would look fantastic! i'm thinking gray would be a nice color.


cute, cute.

Daydream Lily said...

I hate a flickr. I'll add you to my contacts.

there is so many amazing images on there!!! I often am using them in my blog.

Daydream Lily said...

that was meant to be HAVE...not hate. haha

too early in the morning.

oh and have a look through my favourites, you might find more things you like.

Hila said...

hmmm, how about adding a cute love-heart mouth for him? Or is that a bad idea? I can't seem to be too creative at the moment ...

luyi said...

Yesterday I found I could not get any film of polaroid calssic 600 anymore.
It seems they stopped producing the films this April. :(

Anonymous said...

I think small dark circle eyes and a cross stitch nose. Like Miffy (or she's Nijntje in her own country isn't it?)
Maybe the head could become your new pincushion?
I love the things you share with us.

Missa said...

Oh my gosh, Mila, you are way too cute and crackin' me up! I like skye's idea for the eyes, but definitely don't leave the poor guy blind!

loveology said...

Thank you so much, lovelies, for all your sweet comments and tips!
I think i'll go for the thing Skye advised, i think that will suit him best!

Thanks again! <3

HANNAH-ZOË said...

oh he's very cute! i think just a nose or mouth and leave his head off also perhaps a bellybutton might be cute!?

. said...

Your teddy is adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

I prefer with two white buttons, you could do an embrodered smile...

Anonymous said...

He zus!
Ik vind de knuffel echt super leuk, wat een mooie stof. Ik vind de witte ogen het leukst en een neusje en mondje maakt het geheel nog meer af denk ik. Ik ben benieuwd naar het eind resultaat.
x shula