Just some things

The beauty of flowers will always surprise me, even when they are slowly dying and the leafs and flowers are falling off...
I still get excited when i realise flowers are a creation of nature. Isn't that amazing?

Although i am 24 now, i still got a huge weakness for cute children things, like these animals. Especially when they are made out of the sweetest flowery fabrics, i simply cannot resist.
(Via Sanctuary)

Lovely Israelian streetstyle...
(Picture from The Streetwalker)

My love for lace and embroidery seems to get bigger and bigger. I have no idea where it came from, but i got really excited when i bought two metres of the cutest lace i've ever seen a few days ago. I am really looking forward to receiving my sewing machine and starting my sewing lessons in October, so i can finally begin creating things i now only can think about.
Hopefully i'll be able to show you some of my DIY's later this year!
(Picture via Lilla Blanka)

I am in love with the gorgeous polaroids people send from all over the world to the lovely Alice from A home for Alice.

Oh, i almost forgot about this Topshop body.
It's so pretty, i almost daydream about it.
I need to make a plan a.s.a.p. to make sure it will hang in my closet this fall.

Last for today: some Ebay things i am hunting for..

Have a great day/night everyone and thanks for all the sweet comments i received from you. It really makes me happy!


Hila said...

I'm just falling in love with your blog more and more ...

danica said...

Ahh, your taste is exquisite, Mila :)

Paul Pincus said...

lovely weblog. terrific post. cheers.

ruth-anne said...

love the topshop body.. wonderful blog as well!

Chloƫ said...

Wauw wat een mooie bloemen, en je hebt een hele mooie blog ;-)! Ga zo door!