Goldin's knitting

28 year old London based designer Louise Goldin only showed her second collection at the last London Fashion Week for coming fall, but she is already a rising star.
She truly deserves it in my opinion, because i am amazed by both of her collections.
Her self-called mission to take knitwear to a higher level already succeeded, but hopefully she's not ready to leave yet, because i am already looking forward to all her coming collections.

For this f/w 08 collection she took inspiration from the Inuit culture...

Her first collection, for s/s 08

Louise on the left, i guess in one of her own designs.
On the right a picture from the NY Times with a model in one of her gorgeous designs.

Sources: Style and google.


FELICITY [!] said...

Oh doll, you're such a sweetheart! Thank you! :]
I absolutely love your blog, but I probably told you that in my last comment.

& I would die for the hair on that blog. I adore big, volumized, long hair.

makemoremistakes said...

you always have the most incredibly inspiring photos on here. I love it.



Missa said...

The Inuit inspired patterns are amazing!

Anonymous said...

to my mind, its collection of the winter was one of the better to the London fashion week, I adore these colors, these patterns and the structure of the clothes. A very hopeful designer

Kimberley Brandsma said...

Zeer mooi!<3

Anonymous said...

i love her designs! it so me :)