Bonjour Simone

I just wanted to share these lovely pictures of two of the three women from Au revoir Simone with you.
I love their style.
(But please.... let's stop this whole mask thing right now, okay?)

Source: Borderline Magazine.


danica said...

Oh yes! I love their style too. So pretty and feminine :)

onomatopoeia. said...

mooie foto's! zoals wel vaker met foto's van au revoir simone ;)

ik heb je trouwens getagged, hoewel dit meer een nominatie/prijs is 8)

Héloïse J. said...

have you changed your layout? i luv your new place!

Mila said...

Yes, Heloise, i changed my lay out and i am very content about it.
So thank you very much for your sweet comment!
It's really nice to hear my readers like it too.

Rina said...

beautiful pictures, very delicate, I love the dress!

Bananas Diary said...

Wat een mooie blog heb jij:)
Ik ga je even taggen!

katrina said...

i love them

Brandy C. Williams Paperie Blog said...

oh my goodness, i am so thrilled that i came across your delightful and oh so feminine blog. yes, it would be great to take a hot bath outside...and living in los angeles allows for the occassion. i really appreciate that photo. hmmm now you have me thinking of how i can do something like that. oh my goosh..is it actually possible?