Big bustier LOVE

Very beautiful dress by Opening Ceremony.

To be honest, i am kind of obsessed with everything bustier/corset (whatever you like to call it)
From simple and slightly tacky corsets, to bustierdresses and shirts. I love it!
I found lots and lots of great bustierinspiration, so i'll show you some of my favourite looks.
The Scandinavian girls rock this trend as one of the bests, which is not that big of a surprise, isn't it?

Of course Susie rocks hers! I love the combination she made with the weird 'skirt'. I also love how very low the bustier is, sexy, but very classy at the same time.

Klara, looking sweet and innocent as ever...

Although i don't particular like this whole suit thing, i do really like the tiny flowerprint on the bustiertop. I guess Chloe can't go wrong anyway.

The kind of sporty version of Milk is cool. I like it, but that's pretty easy with a body like that, Milk!

Alma H! All you need is a great bustier and your gorgeous long hair...

Pretty Mandy B from Soir de Fete defenitely knows how to make every 'trend' her own.

I am not into reds at all, but i am willing to make an exception for this sweet look.

It's a bloody shame, but i can't remember the name of the girl or the blog where i took this great pictures from. (If anyone knows, please let me know so i can put the link from the blog here..)

Marni, you can do no wrong for me!

These pretty black and white picture draws even more attention to the beauty of the bustier. Magical!

Of course i spend some hours on Ebay and found a few great bustier things i would really love to have. Unfortunately the ones i like the most are from a seller who only ships to the USA. I already asked her to make an exception for me, but she won't. Maybe i will find them another time from a seller who does ship internationally. Or maybe there is an American reader who wants to ship the items to The Netherlands for me. I'd really appreciate, and of course will pay for everything.


mmr said...

wat een eer ;) ik heb dat ding echt al in geen maanden meer gedragen, hoog tijd om hem nog eens uit de kast te halen!

erica lorraine scheidt said...

Milk? She looks amazing in everything. And I love the unnamed girl with the t-shirt/bustier combo.

I'd happily ship something to you...

Cheers, Erica

colette rose said...

i love them too! this makes me want to do some bustier pics in the near future....

Kimberley Brandsma said...


Lana said...

Nice post! :D

Anonymous said...

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