Bedroom Dreams

I think your bedroom is (one of the) most important places in your home.
People shouldn't underestimate the importance of rest, of relaxation and of course sleep, long sleeps (full of great dreams...)
What is better than lying on a gorgeous bed with fresh washed sheets and then realise you actually have to do nothing in the next couple of (hopefully at least 8) hours.

People tend to use their bedrooms as a place to overthink their days and unfortunately it doens't stop at overthinking, i guess people also worry a lot in their bedrooms. It is a place where you are alone or with your partner (who's already asleep when one of his ears touches the cushion, of course) so you have plenty of time and space to think. Let's be honest, thinking is a good thing, let's keep thinking please, but why in your bedroom? Why not use this room as a place to stop thinking and start relaxing or only sleeping, to reload your own batteries for the next day, but even more important: to reward yourself for all you have done that day!

There isn't only one type of bedroom style i appreciate.
Over the years i flipped through the pages of so many interior magazines and i saw so many beautiful bedrooms in all sorts of styles.
I just cannot name one style i like and want for my own bedroom (which can also make it difficult to choose things for my bedroom, because i don't want one particular style, but i don't want it to be too chaotic or even messy also).
(To be concrete, i have a small two-room apartment, so it is impossible for me to only put a bed and a closet in my bedroom, because i have too many things that need a place.)

I don't think many people have the luxury of being able to use their bedroom only for sleeping. Mostly there is a closet and other things too, simply because of the lack of space in your home.
To me, it is important not to make your bedroom a very busy room with loads of stuff. It only distracts you from relaxing and sleeping. Of course a little decoration is great, also in your bedroom, because that's what makes it personal and really yours.

Beautiful little corner you can create in your bedroom, when you don't want it to be too empty and 'zen'.

More things to decorate..

All white and very romantic....

I already told you about my weakness for whites, but these folklore and very colourful flowery blankets are also very cute and you can really create a specific atmosphere with these....

The bedroom below is painted in a great colour. I think this colour creates a relaxing vibe immediately and it matches great with all sorts of whites and purples for decoration, sheets and blankets.

This one is actually very minimalistic, which also has it's own charm in my opinion.
It's very empty, but the bed being so close to the floor makes it special and romantic. The light behind the bed is also gorgeous.

Although this bedroom below seems kind of busy, it also looks very cozy and peaceful.
I really like the forest wallpaper as it creates such an impact immediately and you can decorate everything around it in that particular atmosphere by using natural materials and colours. The little vase with white flowers makes it even more sweet.

This bedroom is pure beauty to me. I found it more than a year ago, i guess it's the bedroom of Anh Minh, who also has a great website and blog.
The white and coloured sheets match perfect with the beautiful dark wooden floor.

As i mentioned before, i cannot resist cutting the most beautiful pictures out of my interior magazines (same about fashion magazines to be honest), and i paste them in my 'little inspiration book'. I made some pictures to give you an impression of what's in it, but the pictures are blurry, so i am sorry about that.
Usually, I am not into dark spaces at all, but i am willing to make an exception for the bedroom you see on the right, below. This bedroom is just so beautifully decorated and everything matches so beautifully together, it's just gorgeous!

Since i am not completely satisfied with my own bedroom, because my apartment is simply too small to create the bedroom i really want, i hestitated to show you my bedroom. I decided this post just isn't complete when i don't, so here it is.

Some blogs and sites that will definitely inspire you when it comes to home decoration: Decor 8, The style files, Sfgirlbybay, Designsponge, absolutely beautiful things, Emmas, {frolic}.

Of course i am very curious again about your opinion about bedrooms, your own bedroom and the bedrooms i posted. Are there any you particular like or dislike and why? What do you use your bedroom for....only sleeping or do you have a working space in your bedroom, for example?
( And no, this post didn't cost my 9 days to create, it only took me a few hours this time, hopefully it doesn't make it less interesting than the 'Bathroom Dreams' post.


a. said...

gorgeous post! i also have a bit of an obsession with interior design, especially in bedrooms, & as for now, is the only place i can truly call my own.

i have a hard time decorating as well because i like so many different styles, but i usually favour minimalist with little shabby chic vintage touches here & there. & i like to mix it all up with loads of modern art. ahh, so much really. i could go on & on...


ps, i would love to exchange links! your blog is stunning.

Mimi said...

I adore this nostalgic and minimalist style of living.White furniture definately is the best I'd say.One or two years I bought a white bed from IKEA and I love it. While sleeping you feel like you are on a cloud.

Lovely blog!

CoutureCarrie said...

I love pristine white spaces and antique(d) furniture - beautiful post!

arline said...

I just found your blog, and I love it.

I think the home in general is a sanctuary, and I want to have an aesthetic experience when i am in it.

I do agree that the bedroom should be free of extra stuff, and should be a place devoted to rest and restoration.

Every house or apartment has its own personality, and just feeling out the space, can help when you are decorating, and creating an atmosphere.

I think eclectic is good and you can mix many styles. Good design is good design, and to me, mixing ads interest.

Mettch said...

another great post from you! i very much agree that a bedroom should be a place for relaxing and sleeping only.. i know lots of people have tvs in their bedrooms but i'd never do that. a while ago i made an agreement with myself saying i should only go to bed when i was really tired. i'm so priveleged i live in a 3-room apartment, so i only use my bedroom for sleeping and relaxing :)
..beautiful pics you showed as well. i love the one with the dark wooden floors. just beautiful <3

marinanke said...

fijne foto's!
kamer inspiratie is leuk :]

my thoughts said...

Erg mooi zeg! en zeer inspirerend.
Mijn kamer is nog steeds niet af maar langzamerhand is hij steeds meer naar m'n zin.

Ik vroeg me af waar je die prachtige rieten mandjes van hebt die in je vakkenkast staan, heel leuk! je hebt er meerdere he :)


my thoughts said...

Ja, ondanks dat ik zelf even weg was.. en nog niet helemaal terug want ben nog aa het genieten van de vakantie en hard aan het werk had ik wel erg veel aan veel inspirerende posts op jouw blog en andere blogs!

heerlijk om even bij weg te dromen tussen al drukte door!

Mooi zijn ze zeg en iedere stuk voor stuk anders! Pasar Malam ken ik wel, dat was een tijdje geleden toch :)!

kara said...

ooops i forgot to hit save! up now :)

Mila said...

Thank you all so much!
I really like reading your comments and ideas about the whole bedroom thing...
It may not be the most important thing in life, but it still makes me happy to write about beautiful things and search the net for the most beautiful pictures to match with my post....

jo said...

what a gorgeous post!!

i'm here via daydream lily :)

Missa said...

I love the Ahn Mihn room too. Especially how the prints on the bed and curtains along with the single plant kind of make it seem like there is a lot more going on than there actually is and those beautiful floors really stand out.

We use our bedroom only for sleeping however, I'm not really satisfied with the decor. I have the same problem with liking different styles. It's hard to find a nice balance between my appreciation for a zen aesthetic as well as what I see as lovely clutter. Your post has inspired me to work on it though, thanks! :)

Hila said...

my dream bedroom is mainly white, with lots of kitsch goodies for decoration. I love this post, thanks so much sharing.

Raych said...

This is a GREAT post, not something you see in the everyday affiliation of fashion blogs. Living at home still, I find that my bedroom is the only place in the house I can truly be myself it. There's a ton of sociological and psychological facts to it - very interesting.

Anyways, this kind of makes me want to do a post about my room; you know, spice things up for a change.

Anyways, love your blog! If you want to do a link exchange, I'd be more than happy to get your link up

Anonymous said...

after bathroom, bedroom, i like these post, it's a great idea, i don't understand everuthing!but i think i prefer folkrore bedroom
Mila you always find nice pictures to show and beautiful words to said, thanks

Mila said...

Thank you very much, Bout de Lu.
I guess i wrote a little too much on this one. Sometimes i am not very good at making my point directly... ;)

onomatopoeia. said...

Ik vind minimalistische slaapkamers ook echt prachtig (vooral de witte kamer met de klamboe), maar zoals je zelf al zegt, ik zou niet weten waar ik naartoe moest met mijn spullen ;) En om eerlijk te zijn vind ik kamers met gezellige rommel ook reuze charmant. Met prulletjes, bloemen en kleur.
De kamers die je hebt uitgescheurd zijn ook werkelijk heel mooi, vooral de laatste!

Dit soort posts zijn trouwens ongelofelijk leuk :)

laura said...

brilliant post!! you know what, i really need a bedroom makeover (in fact i still need to repolish our whole apartment) but anyway i just simply don't know what else i can do with my bedroom because it's small and as well i don't have a lot of budget either at the moment :( anyhow, thanks for sharing the nice links. AND i think your room is nice and neat!

Anonymous said...

I adore how each of the rooms has such simplicity and modern elegance, but is still warm.
You're not alone in your love of white, whenever my mom paints up a piece of furniture, it is usually white! Most of the colors in our house are __ fill in the blank, and white.
Stunning photos. I am sorry that posting takes so long as well! I have the same problem. :P

esme and the lane way said...

Lovely post. I agree that the bedroom is really important, and can't wait to buy my own flat to style as I like. I really like the forest wall paper, the crow, and the dark floorboards with all the white linen.

Annie said...

Your bedroom is not unlike your inspiration bedrooms!


Ah I absolutely adore this post! I recently moved into my apartment and I have the tiniest bedroom ever (but a beautiful living room!) It has space only for a bed and bedside table and I'm still not sure what to do with it. I am going to look through the sites you posted and gain inspiration.

The one thing I do love though is white sheets. They make a room and a bed so clean and inviting.

danica said...

I love the images you've chosen, Mila! White, natural spaces are the nicest...I like peaceful, clean and pretty bedrooms :)

Fashion Is Poison said...

wow. such gorgeous pictures! i would love a clean serene room like that!

Effie said...

Thank you for posting these photos! One of our roommates is moving out this weekend and I'm going to be moving into her room! I'm working on finding paint colors and linens and other little things, so these photos are so inspirational! I'm going to stay with a very pale color scheme and I want to create some sort of tent structure above my bed with old textiles!

I've always had a very cluttered bedroom (this is because I've always had my closet in the room) but luckily, my old bedroom is turning to a work space! So all clutter and clothing will stay far away from my sleeping quarters! It'll be nice to have a room to relax in and not have one ounce of stress!!

Mila said...

Wow Effie, it sounds amazing what you'll be doing with your room.
It would be great if you post some pictures of it on your blog, by the time it's finished!