Bathroom Dreams

I often (day)dream about bathrooms.
Not ordinary bathrooms where you get in to wash and shower and get out as soon as possible, but bathrooms like beautiful spaces you can stay in for hours.
Just because it's such a beautiful, calming and inspiring place.
My own 'bathroom' is more like a cage with a shower (okay, i admit the shower is quite good) and one small washtub. I am not particular unhappy with, because let's be honest, as a 24 year old student, you don't have to have your perfect dream bathroom yet.
But as i said, i do dream about beautiful bathrooms a lot.
To me, a great bathroom is a place you can totally relax, it feels like a second home and everything in it speaks beauty.
It has to be perfect, not to clean and empty, but not to full of all sorts of little things either.
Lately i am getting more and more into all things that remind me of French style.
In particular the more old French style.

Some years ago i dreamed about bathrooms like this one...

Although lots of white is still very appealing to me, because of it's calmness and freshness, i now find this bathroom too clinical. I guess i need some more colour and prettyness around me to really make me happy.

The bathroom below is a totally different kind of a bathroom.
I have a terrible weakness for baths on 'feet' (that's how i call them), but all this wood is too much for me. I guess it's too dark and maybe even a little bit too old looking to be beautiful to me. Although i do like this bathroom. I won't complain when it was offered to me today. The fact that's it seems to be quite a big space and the sweet antique chair make up a lot.

The bathrooms below are all lovely in my opinion, they all have something special that makes them really calming and inspiring places.

What about a bath outside?
Wouldn't it be great to take a hot bath in a beautiful empty space in the middle of nowhere with a great view?
Unfortunately, Holland is not the place for a bath outside, considering the weather.

This washtub with flowers is absolutely heaven to me. Although it's small, it's so sweet and original, your bathroom doesn't need much more when you have this one.

Luckily there are so many things to decorate your bathroom (a little). Even when your bathroom is not that nice or big or whatever you want it to be, there's always room for a little decoration to brighten it up.
From beautful and luxurious bathtowels to great little vases with beautiful flowers.

What about these antique hairbrushes?

Some inspiration to decorate your bathroom...

Some stores which have great items for your bathroom are: Toast, Anthropologie, Duravit,Ikea and of course your local thriftsores and any vintage stores which not only sell clothes (look out for little vintage vases to put sweet flowers in, small antique plates where you can lay soapbars on.)

I worked on this post for shockingly 9(!) days, because i really wanted it to be perfect. Well, i like it, but perfection just isn't realistic, so i just have to be happy with what i made of it.

Of course i am really curious about your bathroom dreams and which bathrooms i posted you like or dislike.
So comments are very much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

wow you've got me dreaming too...

one time on HGTV I saw a glorious bedroom that had the bathtub built into the ground at the end of the bed, it was odd but VERY cool

Mila said...

Yes, i know what you mean! Kind of a sinken bathtub in the ground. Very beautiful indeed! Pity i haven't found a picture of something like that..
Thanks for your comment. I'll tae a look at your blog.

Mettch said...

i love this post! all the bathrooms are so inspiring. my ideal bathroom definitely includes a bathtub, preferably on legs standing in the middle of the room, very in the style of the marie antoinette.. if you ever saw that? i guess i'd just love my bathroom to give less of a 'bathroom'-vibe but i'd love it to have the same vibe as the rest of the rooms in my home. and as you mentioned, less clinical.
and thanks for your comment on my blog btw. i adore yours, too so i added you to me blogroll :) keep up the lovely work here. xx.

Danielle said...

The washtub with the flowers on it is absolutely divine! Unfortunately my bathroom isn't as exciting as these and probably a third of the size. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Anonymous said...

the first bathroom is amazing
none of the others compare

Hila said...

oooh, I love the one with the blue mirror and blue tub - that's my dream bathroom.

Laurel said...

Oh my god, what a phenomenal post. This has got me dreaming, especially about that bathroom with the antlers - GORGEOUS. Other than my bedroom, the bathroom needs to be a place where you feel good getting ready in the mornings, I spend so much time there - it needs to be amazing.

I want a clawfoot tub, too. So wonderful.

BB! Thank you so much for that lovely award and for the wonderful comment, you are so sweet!

Have a great week, okay? xoxo

Tea said...

Wow, I could stay in there for weeks. Love the sink with all the flowers :D

Heart in a cage said...

Erg leuke post!

Ik vind alle foto's erg mooi maar een badkamer met veel hout is niets voor mij. De badkamer op de eerst foto wel<3 Wij hebben een hele kleine badkamer zonder ramen. Het is eigenlijk ook niet echt mogelijk om er echts iets leuks van te maken aangezien het alleen maar in de weg zou staan. Maar verder is het een prima badkamer.:p;)

noemi said...

wow, I agree! there's nothing like a perfect bath in a gorgeous bathroom. when you have that - then you have it all...

tiny said...

Hello! I have just discovered your blog, and it's probably one of the most inspiring i have visited this year...Atmosphere, photos & colors are wonderful...i love!

Mila said...

Thanks Tiny!
That's really nice to hear. :)

daydream lily said...

Oh these bathrooms are lovely. My current rental property doesnt even have a bath, I didnt think I would miss having a bath as much as I have.

thanks for visiting my blog too, and letting me find yours. I'll be lurking :-)


Anonymous said...

there're so beautiful!!! I want a bathroom like this!

onomatopoeia. said...

Wat een mooie post is het toch! Ik vind de badkamers die je hebt gekozen echt prachtig. Het lijkt me zo leuk om een badkamer helemaal zelf te kunnen inrichten. Ik zou graag een bad op pootjes willen maar wel aan een muur zodat je er ook in kunt douchen. Overal accessoires met bloemenprint. En dan wat kleuren betreft veel wit, maar ook mintgroen en lichtblauw.
Nu vind ik het opeens echt heel erg jammer dat de badkamer die ik nu moet gebruiken zo saai is ;)

Anonymous said...

de badkamers zijn zeker prachtig!
x shula

KATLIN said...

I loooove your pictures! They're soothing, beautiful and inspiring all at the same time. I've never been a fan of tubs like that in terms of practicality, but I think they would look so pretty in some random place in the house stuffed with blankets and pillows and converted into somewhere you can read! Gonna have to take a mental note of that, so when I get my own place I can get a tub!

alis said...

Me and my mom are on the verge of decorating 2 bathrooms, with a budget, unfortunately. If there were no budget we'd definitely pick a free-standing tub. From your post I absolutely love pictures 3 and 4. But the outdoor bath is so cute too.. It would be so fun to take a steaming hot bath when it is kind of cool outside. I love this post, I think it was worth 9 days of effort :)

Brandy C. Williams Paperie Blog said...

oh my goodness, i am thrilled that i came across your blog. your style is oh so sweet and feminine. yes, it would be great to take a hot bath in the middle of nowhere. i absolutely love that photo! living in los angeles with this weather allows for the occassion..except it would be kind of hard to find a space in the middle of nowhere....hmmm

Anonymous said...

Hi, liked this post very much ! I love all the pictures, they're all inspiring ! Isa

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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