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I guess you've seen it all already, because Moderniteter is one of the most popular blogs out there. I totally understand why.
It's great to see this more than stylish girls taking pictures of themselves and let the rest of the world enjoy it.
I wish i had the camera and everything to make great pictures like this. (i am kind of jealous on everybody and everything the last couple of days, i don't really understand why, but i really hate it! It's not like i don't want other people to be succesful or something, but i feel like such a loser myself...)

This picture of this other girl on her blog is also great!
I totally love the outfit, nothing matches and that's what makes it this great!

I feel like i am making such a mess of this blog. I don't want it to be a mess, but i am such a mess myself, it's not easy to keep this blog worth visiting. I am sorry. I will try to make it better in the next couple of days...


Babylon said...

I LOVE your blog, just as it is. It is chic and incredibly inspiring. Beautiful things don't change by force, they morph in a gradual, fluid process and I think you already capture the daily evolution of influence perfectly. I enjoy visiting your blog, I can't emphasize that enough!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I'm so sorry that youre feeling bad about youre blog. But let me assure you, yours is one of the first that I check every day, I love it!!!! I just love how eclectic and completely beautiful everything you post is.
I realize that the commitment of a blog must be quite hard work, so I hope you realize that there are people out there that appreciate it.

onomatopoeia. said...

Geen zorgen hoor, je blog is fantastisch ;) En het is niet erg om af en toe een beetje jaloers te zijn, dat gaat ook weer over :p

Anonymous said...

Mila, you're not a loser!! I like what you write and all the lovely pictures that you post on your blog! You have such a good taste, so just write about what you like and what you feel to write about and don't care if it's messy!

Heart in a cage said...

Ik ben het eigenlijk eens met iedereen die een reactie gaf! Ik vind jou en jouw blog heel leuk.;)Dus maak je maar geen zorgen;) Iedereen is (weleens) jaloers, eergisteren (en misschien gisteren zelfs nog) benijdde ik die parisiennes weer. Maar als je denkt dat je ergens over wilt schrijven, schrijf er gewoon over! Ik vind dat je blog in elk geval er niet rommelig van wordt.:) ;)

Mila said...

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments!
It really makes my day...

Lana said...

Je blog is helemaal geen mess, integendeel zelfs! Je komt met designers en foto's die ik op nog geen enkele blog heb gezien!
Zag de foto van dat meisje ook op de blog van de Moderniteter gezusters, en heb em meteen opgeslagen. Ergens vond ik em heel leuk, en je hebt precies de juiste woorden ervoor: niks matcht maar toch staat het!

Alice said...

haha don't be so hard on yourself !! "loser" haha no !
i totally agree with Babylon, and it seems like things don't change when we want them to, they change gradually, when you don't even notice it !

and the moderniteter girl have their style, and you have yours ! for me, i am happy about my blog when i just show what i do/like, and not when i try to make it better... the more you stick to yourself, the most accomplished you will feel :)

and apparently, it seems like a lot of people love your blog the way it is !! :D

cheer up sweet pie !