Sometimes uglyness and beauty lies strangely close to each other.
To me this picture is a perfect example of that.

I also wanted to post a picture which kind of shows the way i feel right now.
I never wanted this blog to become (very) personal, in a way like telling you all my personal (difficult) stuff here. Simply because that's not interesting.
But i don't want this blog to be absolutely NOT personal either.
Like it belongs to nobody.
I don't know what to say really, because i feel empty and without any inspiration whatsoever.
I hope i'll find some 'hope' again and with that some inspiration to post about all thing beautiful.
Maybe i won't and that means i won't be posting (a lot) on this blog anymore.
I really don't know by now, because it seems to be in my character to think the totally opposite way about it all tomorrow.

Anyway, i want to thank the people that took the time to leave me nice comments and kept coming back to my blog. I really appreciated.

Photograph by Zoren Gold en Minori. To see more, click here.


Anonymous said...

Who took that photo?

Laurel said...

I hope you're doing okay, love. I really think you do have a wonderfully beautiful creative side and eye for fashion and the like - I know you'll find your niche again.

I linked you, bb...


Dominique said...

Ik hoop dat het allemaal wat beter met je gaat. Ik zal je iig gaan missen als je stopt!

loveology said...

Thanks darlings.
As you can see i am not quitting at this moment. It still brings me happy moments, searching and finding all sorts of beauty that i cannot NOT share with you.

Dominique said...

Fijn! De blogwereld zal je anders gaan missen.

erica lorraine scheidt said...

I know exactly what you mean.

Best wishes from me...

mmr said...

ik hoop dat het alweer wat beter met je gaat!

bloggen kan een positieve afleiding zijn, hoewel, soms moet je het ook gewoon even laten voor wat het is. maar aan het aantal posts na deze te zien heb jij het positieve er al van weten in te zien ;)