These days

I've had such a nice weekend.
First of all, my mother made this beautiful coffee/tea mugs for me. I love them! Of course they're unique and totally one of a kind.
Thanks mom for this great present, when it's not even my birthday!

Yesterday my man and I went to Amsterdam to do some shopping and to just be out of the city we live in. Unfortunately Amsterdam was horribly busy because of the holidays and the big fair on the Dam. Drunk and stoned tourists everywhere, so it was a really short trip to the capitol of Holland. Not much shopping either.

When we got back we sat in my garden for the first time this year, the weather was so beautiful! It really made me happy and i am defenitely looking forward to a great summer.

Today i went shopping, while yesterday i bought nothing, except the cutest baby t-shirt for my niece or nephew to come. I bought myself a few great items. I especially adore the bathing suit i bought. It's from H&M and it looks very old fashioned, which i totally love!
The shape and colours are really 'me', so i just had to buy it. It looks great just as a bathing suit, but also as a very sophisticated top with a high waisted skirt.


Heart in a cage said...

Wat een schattige koppen zeg! Mooi gedaan door je moeder;) Ook leuk die eigen foto's! Ik vind je heel knap trouwens.;)

Erica said...

great suit - lovely!

Mila said...

Thanks a lot!
En Heart, dat is heel lief van je. ;)

Anonymous said...

super foto's zeg! Erg leuke kopjes, tuin en badpak!
x shula

my thoughts said...

Wat een prachtige kopjes! Echt om jaloers op te zijn, en zo uniek!

Anonymous said...

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