Danske's eye

I told you about this great blog a few days ago.
The owner of 'My polaroidblog' also has a flickr. She makes such amazing polaroids, i couldn't resist to post some more of them.
This pictures really make me want to buy a polaroid camera myself! I've been searching on marktplaats (Dutch website like Ebay) and many polaroid camera's are for sale there for reasonable prices. But the stuff you need for making polaroids seem to be very expensive and the fact that the makers of the polaroid films will quit producing them at the end of the year, isn't helping either. But i keep thinking about buying one, so i'll see.
Until then, enjoy this unbelievebly beautiful pictures.


Alice said...

this is beatiful.. but then buy one !!! and start your own beaty display !!

ashley rose helvey said...

yes! great photos!

Sara said...

het zijn inderdaad prachtige foto's en blog!
ik heb mijn polaroid toestel bij Kringloop winkel gevonden voor 5€, een koopje, maar het zijn juist de foto's zelf die duur zijn..en eveneens is het jammer dat ze stoppen met produceren, hopelijk wordt het bedrijf overgenomen..