A small and very special announcement

Yesterday my sister told me this great, special news!
She is pregnant for the first time! Of course she is very happy with it, and the rest of the family also is. My mother is defenitely looking forward to be a great and sweet grandmother, my father loves it but doesn't want to be called 'grandfather'(haha, well, hel still feels young) and i am really looking forward to be an aunt for the first time and also to go through this very special time of a pregnancy and everything that comes with it.
I think i have to be careful not to spend all my money on cute baby stuff..it will be difficult, because there are just so many sweet, little clothes in those bright and lovely colours.
Congratulations to my sweet, little (well, not so little anymore) sister and her very sweet boyfriend. I can't wait till september when this sweet, little baby will see the light for the first time.


onomatopoeia. said...

Ah wat leuk zeg :D