Lots of Inspiration

From 2 or 3 things I know

From ~>O<~

From Small souvenirs

From Xola loves, who hasn't been posting since January 27th. I hope she'll be back soon, because i can honestly say i miss her truly inspiring posts!

From Slow Progress

From Posie Gets Cozy

From Montmartre's Sketckbook

From Fortysixth at Grace

From Cover Denmark.

From Diane Pernet


onomatopoeia. said...

mooie foto's! en wat een leuke blogs :O ik heb ze vrijwel allemaal direct aan mijn favorieten toegevoegd ;)

Manon said...

omg er kwam geen eind aan en ik vind ze allemaal geweldig!

my thoughts said...
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Seductive said...

"Loving all beautiful things" right? I love your taste in beauty. I love all of these photographs. I love the english language (that's why I wrote this in english and not in dutch). I love the inspiration. Keep up the job!

Anonymous said...