Even ugliness looks beautiful next to you.

Yes, i am fully aware the title of this blog says: love all things beautiful. But, i also think sometimes it's not that bad to share a little bit of uglyness with you. Not uglyness as in ugly clothing, but as in living an ugly life.
Just because uglyness in that way can be so damn fascinating.
I can't tell you why, but i've been fascinated by everything that has to do with drugs all my life. Maybe i've been an addict in my former life?
It really started when i read the book Christiane F., I think everybody's read that at least once, but for the ones who didn't: it's a story about a fourteen year old girl in Berlin who becomes an heroin addict. It is really a great book. A real pity the film didn't came out as good as the book. But they normally don't, to be honest.
I guess the fact i really like movies about this subject, doesn't come as a surprise.
Remember 'Natural Born Killers'? Oh, how i love that movie and especially Mallory (Juliette Lewis). And of course 'Trainspotting' is genius too.
I almost forgot about 'Fear and loathing in Las Vegas', Benicio Del Torro really scares the crap out of me in that one. 'The Basketball Diaries' is also great.
Save the best for last: Requiem for a dream. This movie really shocked me, but at the same time i wanted to see it over and over again. Watching this movie makes you feel like you're on dope yourself. And it made me even more sure i never wated to be an addict myself.
'Blow' and 'Traffic' are also highly recommended, by me.

Hey, wasn't the release of 'Trainspotting' the beginning of the whole skinnier than skinny jeans hype?


ashley rose helvey said...

yes, i agree. i would like to see more ugliness on blogs in terms of messiness. i find myself 'tidying up' for blogs photos and sometimes think i should show how things reallllly are :) it's refreshing

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