Daily things and pictures

Today i went on a shoppingtrip to Antwerp with my boyfriend.
It was a great (but exhausting) day. Important: today was the first day since too long i walked outside without a coat on. So lovely to feel the sun on my bare skin!
I bought a few nice things: a simple t-shirt from AA, another one from Urban Outfitters (love that shop! It was my first time visiting one..) some cute things from Zara Home en simple white sneakers for less than 4 euro's. Oh, and a very nice lacey top from New Look.

Something else now. My mom bought me UK Elle April 08. It's thick and got lots and lots of fashion in it. Yes, she made me happy.
One editorial immediately caught my eye, also because of the photography. It's shot by photographer Nagisakai and his(her?) work is just great!
Below some of his/her work. The first few are the ones from Elle UK April 08.

Other work.


onomatopoeia. said...

Oelala antwerpen <3 Daar zou ik wel wat vaker willen komen! Fijn hè dat het zulk lekker weer was, dat maakt de wereld altijd een beetje mooier ;)

Anonymous said...

Amaaaazing post! lovelylovelylovely!