Are you still alive?

Sometimes i get the feeling i write and do this blog just for myself. Don't get me wrong, i love to do it for myself, but i can honestly say i hope my visitors also love it and sometimes it would be nice to know what you (visitors) have to say, think about things or what you want to see on this blog. I don't get much reactions and that is certainly not the most important thing, but it would be nice to know some more about each other. Speaking for myself, i'd love to know what you think about this blog, about what it shows, about the things i write but also about what makes you happy, what's on your minds and what makes you stand still for a moment?

I can be honest: I love it, i love to search the www and find all those beautiful things. I said it some times before and it is true, so i'm gonna say it again: beautiful things make me so happy! Not only beautiful clothes and interior, but also the beauty of great photography, the lightfalling and the little film images some pictures really seem to be. I am the kind of person who can dream away when stearing at a picture, imagining this whole story in my head behind a picture. That's a thing I love to do when being at home with nothing to do. Well, call it nothing.
This world is such a rush! Sometimes i feel like i can't hurry enough to be on time for every appointment and everything the world has to offer. Am I the only one here? Sometimes i seem to be, because around me everything and everyone just seem to race through the hours of a day without ever standing still to really see, just see and smell where you are, what you're doing and what that's like. Maybe it's the big city, maybe it's the world or maybe it's just my very own head.

What i actually want to say is that i hope this blog will offer a little bit of 'standing still'. Not only by seeing clothes and other stuff you like and want to have, but also by just seeing it and appreciate the beauty of it. And maybe even more important, the skills of all those great creative and special people around the world. I am really thankful to all those people who inspire me and who let me stand still for a moment because their beautiful creations (whatever it may be) take my breath away for just a second.

Hopefully i don't sound like your grandmother today and if I do, I want to meet her.

If you feel like it, i would really appreciate if you'd share your thoughts about what i just wrote down or anything else.

These photographs from here.
inspired me today and made me stand still for a moment.

This thinking beauty is from here.


sd said...

im still alive! those photos make me wish it were spring.

Tessa Milou Noorda said...
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Tessa Milou Noorda said...
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Mila said...

Hee Milou! Leuk te weten dat je nog leeft! ;)
Bedankt voor je hele lange en vooral leuke en lieve reactie! Ik snap wat je bedoelt wat betreft mezelf er meer in betrekken. Ik probeer dat ook regelmatig, maar ik moet zeg maar echt in een bepaalde bui zijn om dat op een beetje leuke/interessante manier te doen. Wat betreft het zelf creatief bezig zijn, dat schiet er helaas behoorlijk bij in, vanwege de drukte van mijn stage, studie en werk. ook moet ik eerlijk toegeven dat ik in mijn hoofd vaak creatiever ben dat at er uiteindelijk uit mijn handen komt. ;)
In ieder geval heel erg bedankt voor je reactie, waar ik zeker wat aan heb.
Tot snel! :)

kim said...

Hee! En ja ik leef ook nog.;) Ik vind jouw blog ook net zoals Tessa Milou erg leuk. Ook zoals zij, vind ik het leuk als je nog meer van dit soort posts post. Dat heb ik trouwens ook weleens dat ik alles zo snel vind gaan voor je het weet is de dag weer voorbij. En dat vind ik soms dan weer jammer... Ik zal ook eens wat vaker op jouw posts reageren.;) Nou, wie weet spreek ik je nog een keer op msn of iets dergelijks.:)

Mila said...

Lieverds, Bedankt voor jullie leuke reacties! Fijn dat jullie iets herkennen in mijn verhaal. :)

Kim, ik spreek je zeker nog.

cottontree said...

hello! yes, i sometimes feel like that too, it's frustrating isn't it? but keep up the good work, you never know who is reading. and you're always welcome to comment on my blog too :p

Anonymous said...


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