Vogue Italia

I can't say i really like this shoot. I don't really like the photographs, nor the clothes the models are wearing. But there is something about this i do like.
Maybe it's this whole dancing thing. It reminds me of a long time ago, when i wanted to be a dancer myself. Unfortunately i was too tall and my feet were too big.
Oh, and is it me or is this really Carrie's (SATC's) French lover in the last picture?

Shot by Mark Seliger

Source: Foto Decadent.


siagrafica said...

ja, dat is 'Aleksandr Petrovsky', a.k.a. Mikhail Baryshnikov... van oorsprong balletdanser.

Mila said...

haha, ja inderdaad. Dat was hem! En het was een Rus en geen Fransman. ;)